Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wandering and a Finish!

I actually got some sewing time in, this weekend, and I spent a little time working on my painting. I realized I was trying too hard and the little painting is not a good size for the tutorial, so at this point, I am just going to paint it and finish it, then work on the large one with the video tutorial.

I did get to finish my piece for the One Stitch at a Time Club. I love doing the monthly piece, they are wonderful designs and work up quickly. I made mine with lavender so I can place it with my wools to keep the moths away.

I realized when I looked at the photo, that I missed a few pieces of two leaves, duh to me. I can go back in and fix that. I pull the thread through from the side seam and that way it goes in and stays put with the knot.

The green and yellow threads are Cosmo threads, that I ordered with my winnings. I got patterns, but I wanted to try the threads. I have to admit, they are wonderful to work with and I am getting tired of my DMC, twisting and catching and having to pull out and fix them. It seems the quality has gone down, do others notice that?

This weekend we got out for a bit and enjoyed a visit to the island and hit our usual parks for some short walks. We enjoyed views from the cliffs, the boats are starting to come out on the weekends.

We did a little cliff climbing to enjoy the solitude and views in a hidden area.

Of course we had to take Bean to the other side, for a play on the beach. It was high tide so we stayed in one area and let him play, while I looked for sea glass and heart rocks, much better to find it at low tide. The cormorants were hanging out at the rocks.

We had the kids over for Mother's day. Bill did the cooking and Billy surprised me with a new light pad. I have been wanting a new one and this one is large and skinny, perfect for my new patterns. I already have two done on backing that I can work on this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I stole this photo off of amazon, it is a 20" long, great for those oversized patterns. It is a huron, adjustable light. I am not sure if it really has more light than my old one though, I still have areas that are harder to see but I may be doing something wrong, will have to test it more with different fabrics.


acorn hollow said...

great finish as always very sweet. Wonderful gift for Mother's day you will get lots of use out of that.

Kate said...

Love the design on your pillow Debbie. It would be interesting to know what changes DMC has made to their threads. k

Karen said...

Bee designs are really popular now. Nice piece, Debbie.

Sandi said...

Funny how we often miss finishing stitchery pieces and don't notice until the piece is finished. I did one for my mom, unfortunately it is stretched and framed so I can't correct it like you can.

Looks like you had some nice weekend activities.

Fiona said...

I love your new stitchery piece... I didn't notice the bits you left out until you remarked and I went to have a look. Photo's are great for picking up things like that.

I have that kind of light box too and love it....


cucki said...

Wow it is so pretty and so cute
Love your embroidery so much
Smiles and love x