Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Wanderings!

Another two days of adventures so I will put day one up today and Sunday will be on Wednesday. A few weeks ago we went to the castle with Nick and he is too young to do much hiking, so we decided to go back and enjoy the day, just at the castle.

We always start out with the castle, the views are spectacular from the balcony area and I was looking forward to seeing the foliage from that viewpoint.

Bill enjoying the views, Bean is people watching as usual. The hills were alive with color, harder to see with the distance but I think I could live here, just love the views and the river.

As we headed to the paths, we went through the picnic area where you can see the cats on the top, the owner loved cats. If you would like to learn more about William Gillette, click on his name for some fun information about his life.

From there we headed down the path which used to be the old railroad trail. The owner built a small scale rail that ran through the property and he took his guests on rides. Covered bridges and train stop platforms, are along the path.

We followed one trail that led to a dead end. I guess the years took their toll on this cliffside, so we had to turn around.

Coming across the road bought us to the other side of the rail trail, some areas are closed, and I don't think I would trust walking across this bridge.

The trail led to the tunnel, it goes under the hill, the owner's guests must have loved staying with him.

It is pitch black inside the tunnel, but my camera has night vision, but spooky, none the less.

We passed by the pond, the drought has really effected the ponds here, but still beautiful with the fall foliage.

Crossing over the bridge by another pond, the grounds are so beautiful.

We decided to head back and enjoy another look at the river and Bill and Bean were having fun exploring the castle alcoves.

As we headed down to the cars, Bean got the attention of a group of sisters. He loves all the attention and I think half the time was spent stopping, to let people pet him. It took 10 minutes for the father to notice his girls were talking to an old guy with a dog, lol. I will never understand parents who spend more time on the phones than enjoying the time with their kids, every moment is precious.

It was a wonderful day and wonderful to spend more time exploring the castle grounds. We headed home and stopped in Norwalk by the river to enjoy the views for a rest break. There were a few families and the kids were feeding the birds, so there were hundreds of birds flying about and swimming around the docks. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and some adventures of your own.


Sandi said...

Some great sights and photos Debbie. I stayed in most of the weekend due to the rain and try around here.

Unknown said...

Looked like a very magical day. Wonderful photos.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Beautiful pictures, Deb....looked like you had a great day!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a wonderful place to explore. I'm sure it was even more beautiful in person!
Hugs :)

Kate said...

You have such beautiful and interesting places to explore - love the photos!

Ariane said...

Your photos are beautiful!! Looks like an amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

babeth said...

Merci pour ces superbes photos. Cela donne en

babeth said...

Merci pour ces magnifiques photos. Cela donnne envie d'aller si promener.

moosecraft said...

Wow! What a beautiful place to have lived! I'll have to check out that link later today...

Monique said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the autumn and in your pictures we can see the wonderful place where you live!


Monique 🐾🐾

Fiona said...

what an interesting place and man who put it together....