Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Stockings and Holiday Fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, ours was wonderful and ended on a bad note when my son got mad at me for not letting him do things his way and left in a huff. When it comes to my computer, nobody messes with it;) But, I enjoyed the time with family and my sweet grandsons, so that is what I will remember.

I also finished the stockings, not perfect but they were a pain with the felt, I prefer to felt into wool, much easier and it blends nicer. Plus the roving they give you in kits feels more like acrylic than wool, so not the best product, but still fun to do and an easy way for a beginner to try their hand at needle felting. I forgot the eyes on one, but fixed that before I gave them to the kids.

I outlined the designs in black and added a few embellishments to make them more fun.

It is always fun to have the kids here and Bean loves playing with Nick. Bean found someone who loves leaves as much as he does.

The secret lives of boys and dogs.

Dinner was delicious except for my stuffing. I made my cornbread stuffing but decided to try adding pineapple, bad idea, it was too moist and tasted like desert, way too sweet and mushy.

After dinner was photo time. My son bought a santa suit and Grandpa got to wear it. Well, this is what  happened when we tried to get Nick sitting with Santa.

He had no idea it was grandpa and wanted no part of Santa, even a gift wouldn't get him to smile. Alex was quite happy to sit in his lap and loved the beard, it became a struggle to get shots without losing the beard in the process.

And then the family shot, of course we all know how those go. When you get a couple to smile, there is always one who is making a face or being goofy, or looking in the wrong direction. We were able to get a few fun ones in.

As you can see, the fireplace behind santa is actually the tv, works great with the close up of the kids, but shows with a larger photo.

And like all things, we finally end our day with a smile, Nick finally sat on Santa's lap without screaming and gave us the best smile we were going to get;)

Have a wonderful weekend. We are spending ours, relaxing and long rides to out of the way stores with no crowds.


Sandi said...

Great photos M even the ones that Nick didn't exactly cooperate in. I didn't notice that the fire was on the t,v, until you mentioned it.

Your stockings turned out nicely despite your frustrations, I think the boys will enjoy them for a long while.

Kate said...

The stockings look great, Debbie. Love the photos of Bean and Nick - they both look like they're having fun. Sounds and looks like lots of good memories were made that day.

kelley said...

Nick and Bean are such great pals...I'd love to be there playing in the leaves with them...Alex is adorable, he sure was having fun with that beard...leaving in a huff...that's a family tradition for most of us! you did a nice job on the stockings, live and learn about the felt...

Kris said...

Looks like you had a fun, fun day, Debbie!! And your stockings are darling!!

Unknown said...

The stockings look great. I'm not much of a fan of felt...not since I discovered the real thing!

Jennie in GA said...

Great stockings! And I just love the pics with Nick and Bean!!

Karen said...

The stockings.....the same design but different. Nicely done. How large are they?

acorn hollow said...

Your stockings are great. so sorry things ended on a bad note but love the pictures with Santa.

Fiona said...

the stockings are great and it was fun to see Nick and Bean playing with the leaves.... funny how our children think about our things.... great to get all the photo's ...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cute stockings!
Great family pics. That Nick sure is a cutie.
I hope things have smoothed out with your son.
Hugs :)

Carol S. said...

The stockings are adorable and so are the Santa photos...cute, cute!