Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Foibles!

This week I was scanning in slides that my sister had given me. It is fun to see the old photos but sad that most are blurry or washed out. I found one of an old car and my brother gave me the story behind it and his memories. So, I thought, why not do a pillow of the car and send it to him and the others for Christmas.

Well, the idea was good but the execution did not work out as planned, so back to the drawing board. I wanted to fit it on a pillow so I changed the size to make it taller and not as long, but that changed the look of the car, it is supposed to be a station wagon, now it looks like a clown car. I also think the windows need to be indented instead of standing out, and the colors get lost on the tan velvet.

Here is what I ended up with, I will fix it up, I think some thin black or silver piping under the window areas might be a good fix and I can always outline if needed. So, now the plan has changed, I will do it in a punch needle piece and add to it to make it nicer. I think it will be a fun Christmas pattern and I know a lot of you have memories of the old woodie style station wagons from your childhood.

Bill had the day off today, and I have the flu, but I had big plans to go on a new hike today. We went to a pond sanctuary and did the smaller hike which was wonderful, and when I got a little tired, we rested a bit. I will delay showing photos since I have been asked to participate in a national hike day posting, so once I get more details, I will write it up for next week.

We did take some new back roads and found a wonderful old cemetery. I got some photos of some of the stones and ideas for new patterns, as well as the meeting house on the hill. Here is a peak at the cemetery we visited. I also found another but I was getting tired, so I can go back another day. It was a larger one and it looked like it had some wonderful old stones.

I had hopes for some more small hikes, but the drive was enough and I wanted to stop at a pond I had seen last time. It was smaller and the drought had dried it up, but still a beautiful place. The fun thing was, I noticed a side road and we drove down and found a campground and hiking area. I will definitely be coming back, the hike is another climb, but a short one to some cliffs, and there is still some color to enjoy, so hopefully we can get back this weekend. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with adventure and joy.


Karen said...

My family didn't have that type car when I was young but think my husband's did.

Sandi said...

We had a station wagon and we drove it from Vancouver to Dawson City in the Yukon along the Alaska Highway when from Dawson Creek to Dawson City was all all gravel! Quite the memorable trip. I remember crying when we sold that car and got a four door sedan. Miss those old station wagons. Love your interpretation, I agree about your windows needing to be recessed.

Saundra said...

Your brother will love that pillow. I think it is wonderful!!! If you felt good enough to go on a hike it may have been just a cold and not the flu.

Kate said...

Such a great and thoughtful idea Debbie!
I hope your flu is short lived.
Snow is our forecast for next weekend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You do get a lot of exercise ~ even when you're sick!
I love old cemeteries.
Hugs :)

Julie Fukuda said...

When I was growing up we had a station wagon with wood frame. Your stitchery brings back lots of memories.