Monday, November 28, 2016


Well, another year has gone by and I never got half the things I wanted to make, done, lol. I really need to start now for next year, I still want to have large quilts to hang around the house and patterns I bought years ago and never got a chance to make, so I guess it is time.

I also have pieces I made and didn't finish, so those will get done next. It is hard to keep up when there are so many wonderful freebies this year, I still have Buttermilk Basin's christmas quilt, Cheri's Blackbird Gathering quilt and now another blog hop hosted by Buttermilk Basin.

I had to make Cheri's piece, love her designs and this was fun to do. I have an idea for it, so I will show you when I am done. I kept it in red work, but I really want to try one in black, with red and green too. One will be a gift, one for me. I also think this would be nice as a pillow, lots of possibilities.

This weekend was mostly shopping, a few gifts and a few things for me. We went to a few primitive stores and consignments, but not a great selection or things that interest me. We did get home in time to run over to the lighthouse, before sunset. It wasn't too cold so we were able to walk around and take photos, but the sun wasn't as spectacular, mostly yellow and orange and it was gone. I wanted to look from the other side to see if I could get the lighthouse with some color behind it and I am glad I did. The best part of the sunset is when it gets darker and the sun is beaming across the ocean, the color was spectacular.

On Sunday we drove to Woodstock Ct. I wanted to visit a primitive store and we couldn't find it, but we did find a few antique and prim stores and a Christmas barn. It was fun browsing but I found the prices to be higher than other stores, but it was fun to look and there were also antiques mixed in. The owners are also very friendly and helpful. Woodstock is definitely a place to visit and I can imagine how beautiful it was, during full foliage.

One thing I love about driving around is, I find new things. We were taking a short cut from one main road to another and my bad eyesight took us down the wrong one, but it still got us to the same destination. It took us across this bridge and I noticed some trucks below, so I had to check it out. It is a part of the Quinebaug River Trail, we found a new boat launch, can't wait to try it next year. Looks like a beautiful stretch of the river, to paddle.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Now it is time for me to get the boxes out and get ready for Christmas.


Kate said...

Ohh, you're so quick to stitch - looks lovely in red and having seen yours all stitched up I know exactly what I'm going to do with mine that is not stitched yet .... but at least I have an idea for finishing it. :)
Love the photos Debbie and I am envious of you being able to paddle where the bridge is ... looks delightful.

Sandi said...

That's why I love exploring in a car you never know where the road or wrong turn can take you and something new to discover,

Love your Cheri's design and all the others so far, haven't attempted any yet but printing them off.

Lovely photo just after the sun set,

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am knee deep in Christmas boxes and came across the angel pinkeep you sent me last year. It brought a smile to my face and still smells wonderful. Thank you for your kindness.
Hugs :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Sweet embroidery project. I can't think of digging out the Christmas stuff yet. My fall runner on the table is buried in "stuff" ... quilting supplies and books mostly. No one is going to notice the season has changed.

Dawn said...

Love your embroidery! I don't think I'll get any done this holiday.
What beautiful scenery.

Monique said...

Hi! Your embroidery is very cute! And your pictures too!
Enjoy your Christmas season!
Monique 🐾🐾