Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fabric and Fall Fun and Giveaway!

Last week I won some wonderful fabric from Corrie at Quilt Taffy. Corrie has a wonderful ebay store and a place I have gotten my special issues of Quiltmania from. She has wonderful sales, so worth keeping in your favorites and she is always having a giveaway, so make sure you visit and sign up for her blog.

I stole this photo from her site, since it has a better view of all the fabrics. I can't wait to use them, they have a wonderful vintage look to the shades and I am trying to decide what I can make with them. I would like to make something for my kids, they both work at jobs working with computers, so thinking if I can come up with something that would be good for a guy and a girl that they might be able to use at work or something fun at home. Give me some suggestions or links to free patterns that I could use them on and I will pick a name from all of the comments on tuesday night, for a free epattern.

The shades look lighter here, but they have a muted vintage look in person.

Today was a beautiful day and I got the bright idea to go for a trail walk, to the falls. We started from the middle area this time, for a shorter walk, which took us a long the old road and then onto the trail area.

My body was not being agreeable and my bones got really stiff, but I kept going, I am a glutton for punishment, lol. But it was worth it, to get to the falls and we took a break and had a snack and rested.

Great place to sit and this is the view of the area, from the opposite side.

We walked along this side to the bridge, which crosses back to the main trail. There are a lot of bridges crossing along the path, since there are a few small creeks that run down the hills, especially when it rains heavily. Coming back was a little easier, I guess I got my second wind finally. Tomorrow will be another hot and beautiful day, maybe a good day for an ocean walk.

And if you would like to go for short walk with us, here is a video I tried with my new pocket camera.


Anna said...

oh I saw those fabrics on my trip to the coast last week! I loved them! The video was sooo fun and you are right...your weather is much nices than ours. Although it is sunny the air is crisp and you definately need a jacket.

Barbara said...

I have struggled with joint pain. It's always worth it for a good hike. This looks delightful.

A Quilter Awakens said...

Thanks for the link to Quilt Taffy. I enjoyed your nature photos, and the video (plus your model) are very professional looking! Karmen

Dorothy said...

I watched the video. You have him well trained - he stops on command!

moosecraft said...

Cute! Fresh air and sunshine are the perfect prescription! Enjoy the autumn days!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great pics!! Love seeing all of the places that you visit/hike/walk/enjoy... Clueless on a pattern, congrats on the win!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations on the fabric stash!! Does have a great vintage feel to it.... And you live in a truly beautiful area Deb - thanks for taking us "along" for the hike! Happy Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Allie said...

Congratulations on your beautiful win! No clue what to make - that's the hardest part for me too.

Your walk looks glorious, and boy that camera takes good video. Mine is rubbish for video. Sorry you're feeling so stiff, but glad you got your second wind. Very smart of you to keep pushing through, hon!

Anonymous said...

Neat fabrics!
Maybe the new 'Twister' pattern, which is really kinda like a whirly gig or pin wheel shape?
Thanks for sharing!

Corrie said...

Can't wait to see what you make.
You live in such a beautiful area. Have a great week!

Lee said...

thanks for the hike! the fabric is great - coffee/tea cozies or mug rugs are good for a desk. Or a fabric covered frame! congrats on the fabric win!