Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Flowers

I have been taking a break from punching this weekend and working on a secret project. One I cannot show until the challenge date has ended. I thought sewing would rest my hand, but I think I definitely punched way too much, so I will have to limit my punching time from now on.

We had such a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed it by getting things done around the house. My big buy was flowers. I thought it was time to get my yard back in shape, so I got a few colors to perk up the place. I also got seeds to grow, but today was so hot, I just made a little garden around my tree.

Here are the flowers I bought for my yard, most will go in the front of the house. I will plant the seeds and the rest tomorrow. I can't wait for the sunflowers to grow, I got a new variety in a red shade, so it will be fun to see how they look.

I tend to go for flowers that are different and have vibrant shading. I do hope they fair well in my gardens.


Jacque. said...

Oh, sunflowers...they are so gorgeous! Cannot wait to see yours! Your other flowers are great, too! Too much rain, yardwork...yay!

primitivebettys said...

Ohhhhh sooooo purdy! :)

Switching crafty tasks will help your hands. It is a must... 'cause you GOTTA create! :)

JoJo said...
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JoJo said...

Debbie, these flowers are gorgeous. Are they annuals or perennials? I'm always on the hunt for pretty perennials for my flower beds. And you take care of that hand. I'm dealing with that too, but for a different reason and it's been over a month since I've been able to hook. NOT fun.

WoolenSails said...

They are perenialls, I think, lol.
I am not great with flowers, just buy them and stick them in the ground. I got them at lowes. We used to have some nice flower shops where we could get our flowers and veggies for the garden, but they are gone now. I miss the good plants we used to get.


Joanne said...

Very pretty - I'm not great with flowers either - i buy them and let Phil plant them!

ohiofarmgirl said...

They are just lovely....I have just started working in my flower gardens. I actually have only worked in the one around my garden shed...I planted tulips.
The one by by the house I haven't touched yet.
I am trying to decide what to put along the sidewalk to our front door...any suggestions? Dianntha

WoolenSails said...

For sidewalks, I have always loved bush plants, either evergreens or flowering bushes. I think they make a nice frame for a path.


Anonymous said...

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