Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More experiments and a new Kitty

I was at it again today. This time I took what was left of some old floss and the pearl cottons I had. I threw them all in a bath together and tried to make my own version of khaki drab.

This is what they looked at before hand.

For the dye, I used rit dyes and one part black, one part blue and about 4 parts yellow. This is what came out of the pot. It lightens as it dries and this is still wet. I also meant to mention, I did two skeins on plastic holders and they came out flat, so twisting is a good way to get varying colors. Another trick is to use a baster to baste the colors on. Once I have dyed them, I rinse a little and then pour vinegar onto the skeins. Then I add a little soap and rinse clean. I have noticed that without vinegar, the colors keep bleeding out, but once I use it, the color stays and rinses clean.

I got some interesting combinations and the pearl cottons will be great for big stitchery on quilts. I finished a piece tonight using some of the purple shades and as soon as I finish mounting it, I will show you how it came out along with some other new pieces I have made.

I got a package in the mail today, I have to treat myself sometimes;) I won a kitty doll set from Miss Pootie's Primitives. Penny makes the most wonderful creations with sayings and I just loved this one. My husband and I area always saying our daughter is like him or I. You could say we each blame each other for her horrible behavior, lol. It is just such a fun piece and she really pays attention to detail. I put her with the books for now, but I will make a special shelf, just for her.


primitivebettys said...

You just always keep so busy! GREAT turn out on your floss & your kitty dollies are darling! I have a sheep that Miss Pootie made a few years ago - darling.

ohiofarmgirl said...

You are so brave to dye so many floss skeins...but they look wonderful.
Ilove the little sweet they are. Dianntha
I remade my crow basket hugger...take a look and see.

A Quilter Awakens said...

I love reading about your dye experiments and your aquistions. I was concerned, however, when I saw the title said "and a new kitty." You know I am allergic to my one-eye precious sweetheart of a kitty, and now I have asthmatic-bronchitis with pneumonia. I would love for you to have a new kitty, if you would welcome my baby into your home. ;) ;)this is "wink, wink." I don't usually to emoticons, so excuse my awkwardness.

Joanne said...

Your floss looks great and of course the kitties are wonderful!

Jacque. said...

Hey are one busy gal! I love to see what you're doing...the items you find/buy, the changes you're making. Fun, fun, fun!!! I suppose with nicer weather coming, you'll be outside more and doing less inside. Looking forward to your lovely scenic photos.