Thursday, April 2, 2009

More gifts!

My sister sent me a surprise package this week.
Last year she was in a bad car accident and she almost did not make it through the first night.
Thank God, she made it and although it has been a long recovery, she is doing much better.
Being so far away, I wanted to make her something that would make her feel like I was with her, at least in spirit.
I made her an angel quilt with sayings and at the top of the quilt I put an angel with her arms outstretched and hugs.

This was my first real quilt and got me into quilting again. The reason the angel is backwards, is because it is a lap quilt to comfort her and I wanted the angel facing her when she was using it.

She loves that blanket and wanted to send me something and knows how much I love cats and collect cat ornaments.
She sent me two beautiful ornaments to add to my collection. I guess I am going to need two cat trees at this rate;)
I have been busy with a new project and will talk about that soon.


Ann said...

What a beautiful gift to give your sister. I am sure that she will treasure it always.

I personally can't imagine my life without my sister. Both of us have 1 daughter - no sisters, they only have brothers. Hopefully they can form a bond like sisters even though they are 12 years apart in age.

My sis and I celebrate a holiday - "siblings day" on August 9 every year. We made it up and on that day we exchange gifts, nothing huge, but something maybe we wouldn't buy for ourselves. It's a nice day to look forward to.


Jacque. said...

Hey Debbie...sisters are so very special. What awesome gifts! I hope I get a second chance to do our 'sisters day'...with Joyce not getting to WI on time, we had to cancel it. I love that angel quilt you made for your's awesome.

primitivebettys said...

What wonderful gifts! I ADORE the quilt! Beautiful!!! Your kitties are sweet too!



WoolenSails said...

I am the youngest of 8 kids, and that meant 6 girls and 2 older brothers, plenty of sisters;) This sister was the closest to me in age, so I think that is why we are closer.