Friday, September 19, 2008

A New Firkin

Today I decided I needed to get out and spend money, sometimes we just have to buy something new, or in my case, old.
I did my home store bargain aisles, and found some unbreakable cups, just what I need and maybe these will last longer than the billion cups I have gone through.

We have a large salvation store in town, so I had to hit that and glad I did. I found some treasures that will work into some presents for friends, a collectible dragon (which my son collects), and a firkin. What was so great, was they had it marked low, which is unusual for our store, they always over price. Plus it was marked at 75% off, so I got it for 1.50$. That made my day, how often do I get that lucky.

It will be perfect for storing items and will look nice in the dining room when it is finished. It is not an antique, but it looks old and was made by basketville in Vermont. I have another one that I had gotten from an antique store. I love the red paint on this one and it has a spool holder inside, so it looks great in my new sewing room.


Brenis said...

cool score!!! :D

Jacque said...

Hey Debbie...I have seen these, but had no idea what they were called...had to look 'firkin' up. Was confused because it said that a firkin was a measure of volume. huh? But, I kept reading and saw that the word is now used to refer to wooden buckets like those you have. Neat!!!

WoolenSails said...

They have all different kinds, I was surprised I found one at the salvation and sitting long enough that it was put on sale. We really do have good consignments here, so I need to start hitting them for more treasures.


Heather said...

What were firkins used for? They are very cool looking.