Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy with new projects and Challlenges

I have been busy with new projects and challenges, so haven't been able to show any of the new things I have been working on.
It is fun taking the time for myself and being creative.

Today I decided to swim in the pool, it has been cooler lately, but warm enough to heat it back up to above freezing, haha.
I always check the pool for what I call swimmy bugs, which are known as back swimmers. No bugs today, so I enjoyed a swim and as I was running around the pool to stir up the muck, I turned around and there he was, following me around, ick. I hate them and immediately ran out of the pool and got the net. They say that they will bit if handled, well the ones in my pool follow you and bite for no reason, so I get rid of them. Not to be confused with Water Boatman, those are the bugs that skim across the surface, those I like and they are welcome to swim in my pool. I was also delighted by a hummingbird, who hovered over me while I was on my back. What a delight to see while enjoying myself after a long day.

This picture is not mine, I found it on the web. I could take a picture, but a squished bug would not show you how creepy these guys are, lol.


JoJo said...

Yuck. I'm so NOT a fan of bugs! Especially bugs that would chase me and bite me. I envy you your pool but not if the pool has these guys in it!

WoolenSails said...

With the cold nights, haven't been able to swim and clean pool, that is when they get in. This week is so nice and finally got a chance to get in and clean, that guy included, lol.


Brenis said...

eeeeeewwwwww thanks (not) for the visual!! :( he's creeeeppyy!!

WoolenSails said...

LOL, hey I am the one who swam with it, hehe.
In the water they look like a dark beetle with two long legs, so easy to see since they are usually in motion. But now that I have seen one close up in a picture, I will be even worse when I see one, haha.

Well yesterday I forgot to put the battery in my camera, so maybe today I will have something nice to put up from our paddling trip;)