Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween pumpkin and kitty punch needle

I had so much fun making my first stuff punch needle piece, that I had to try some more.
This time I went with a basic pumpkin, but shorter and wide, using various orange shades which I think worked out nicely.
The kitty, I drew up a little template for and then punched and stuffed as well.
I think they look so great together, I almost hate to sell them.

If you like this pair, I will have them on ebay later tonight. I will be selling on ebay at least for this month, and a few items here and there after that, but time to get busy on making presents and items for myself. I will be concentrating on patterns in the future.

You can find me on ebay as Kitane or


JoJo said...

Debbie, I LOVE these two! The cat, especially, tugs at my heart. Such a wonderful job you've done on these.

WoolenSails said...

Thanks Jo,
They are fun to make. I want to make more and try different kitties too.


Anonymous said...

Debbie...I love your cat and pumpkins!!! I had been thinking about doing some hooked pumpkins for myself and it's fun to see all the different kinds!!!
I added you to my blog list so I can keep up with all your creations!! LOL
Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

WoolenSails said...

Thanks Sunnie,
I need to update and add to my list too. I love being able to see the list and who has updated at a glance. It makes blog hopping easier and so much inspiration out there.


Anonymous said...

Debbie, I love how these came out! They are great together. I have been wanting to make some pumpkins but...need time.

nyafarmgirl said...

Just too cute! Love your stuffed NP pieces they look sweet together.