Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Best friends

I have been working on challenges and secret projects again, so nothing new to show tonight. I did finish a new punch needle from one of my booklets, so I will finish that tomorrow and list it on ebay.

I was going through photos and found this old one I had hidden in a folder, it bought back memories and sadness for my big guy, who I lost this spring. I still look out the window in hopes that he found his way home and call to him, there is always hope. I think he and Dora would be the best of friends and cause double the trouble, lol. This is when Black was younger and Casey let him sleep with him. Black was 20 lbs and found too many ways to harass the poor dog, so those cuddley days were over.


kelley said...

What a great picture Deb...brought tears to my eyes seeing Black...I hope too every day that he comes wandering home from a big adventure~

WoolenSails said...

Of all the pets I have had, Black was the one who captured my heart. He was silly and made us laugh and was always there to snuggle up with at night, he is sorely missed. Dora is a sweetie and she does cuddle sometimes, but she still hides in her own space at night. Guess she is still used to being outdoors and just needs to adapt to being part of the family.