Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catnip High

Dora loves catnip and she knows where I keep it, so it is in a cabinet she cannot open;)
I gave her some today, she loves to eat it and roll in it. And if anyone comes within her claw radius, you better watch out, she seems to think ripping you open is part of the experience. Izzy watched for a while and decided to stay clear, which meant flying through the air to land on the side of safety. Of couse I clicked to late and got her landing.

They both love to jump at things and at night I can hear the thump, thump as they land on the floor. The glass doors are their entertainment for the night, as they jump to try and grab the moths on the other side.

Dora can be vicious when she if on catnip, but then she zones out and goes into la la land, as you can see.

I finished a new piece today and once I finish it off, I will post a picture. I will have a pattern for it, as well as, the dog and kitty I still need to do.


JoJo said...

I love watching my cats when there's a catnip party. Some like it, some don't care one way or the other. But it's fun to watch their eyes get glassy and sometimes, they actually stagger. Yeah, I guess I have a warped sense of humor at times.

Brenis said...

LOL Deb! My kitties do the same thing! The claws come out and its a free for all! LOL Then they are too stoned to care.. and get all glassy eyed! Too funny. Are we sure this is actually SAFE for our kitties ? hee hee