Sunday, July 19, 2009

Punching and Paddling

I decided to make a new piece with the sheep design. This one I added a date and the word, wool on the sheep.
I also used a higher height for the design and border and the lowest height for the background to give it a sculpted look.
I like how it came out, it reminds me of old siganage. It will be up for sale tonight, on my ebay site.

I am working on the patterns. For some reason the scans did not come in as good as I planned, so I have a bit of cleaning to do, so I can give you the best possible graphic when you print them out. They should be ready this week.

Today I was finally feeling good enough to get out and go paddling. And, the weather was perfect for once.
We went to Burlingame state park. It is a large lake and lots of shallow waters, so I can paddle and jump in for a swim when we get too hot. It was really nice getting out in the boat, finally and enjoying the water and scenery.


This Country Girl said...

I love being out on the water! It's so peaceful and serene!

We had cooler weather here today almost felt like fall!

Thanks for the kind comments on my bathroom too! I appreciate your visits!

Have a great week!

kelley said...

What a great place for a great to have a place close by...

Love the new sheep...

JoJo said...

Debbie, I'm lovin' that punched sheep. So cute and the colors are so perfect.

I also so enjoy your pictures of your paddling. I would never be able to do something like that but I can live it through you, I guess.

Donna said...

Hey, Debbie - the sheep design looks fantastic!!

Isn't it nice to have a few good days here and there? Today was another rainy one... The summer that never was!

Hope your table works good for you. I need something to get me motivated! I've been in a funk for a l-o-n-g time now!

Talk to you soon,


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Love the photos. Love the sheep. I so love the way you finish the edges of your pieces. How do you do it???


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Debbie, love the Fraktur sheep pattern and imagine it will be a Have to Have ;) before long for me.

The kayaking looks like such a peaceful and athletic at the same time way of life... Jo