Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Finishes!

 I definitely need more time in a day or better organized time. So much to do in a week and I never get half of the things done, that I wanted to. I have several projects going on right now and more things to get ready for the holidays. 

I like having easy, smaller projects to do in-between other projects, so I made up a couple of pillows, stuffed with balsam. I have made balsam pillows, but most of mine are older and I need new ones. I also like to gift a few.

I also tested some new acrylic paint markers. I actually like them, but wish they had more prim colors. I did these up quick and it was a lot faster than painting and I only needed one coat, so a great way to do rocks without spend days, making them. They also work on fabric, so I may try them on a little pillow. These are the ones I used, Paint Markers.

Last weekend, we went for a walk at the bird sanctuary. Always a nice walk and lots of wildlife in the area. I was able to catch two new birds this time, an Eastern Bluebird and a Blue-headed Vireo. We also went to a few beaches, the wind was up and so were the waves.

And at home, a visitor who is watching and waiting for lunch. They do not like being watched when hunting, so he took off, which is good for the birds at my feeder. Cooper's hawks will go after birds when rodents aren't around.

I hope everyone had a good week. My day was spent, over cooking my cookies and then after spend the afternoon making homemade soup, a dish I took out of the oven, exploded. There was glass everywhere and the soup lid was off, so that killed all the work I did for dinner. Luckily the extra chicken was not in the area, so I can make weekend dishes with the rest. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Fiona said...

thats a week full of excitement with exploding dishes! love the gnome cushions.

acorn hollow said...

I just started feeding the birds again between the bears and the hawk that stayed around all summer I felt it was just causing more issues to feed them.
That is crazy about your pan exploding I rarely bake with class anymore I have swapped them out with pans made in the US over the years.
Love your artwork as always

Rugs and Pugs said...

I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day/week. I always accomplish less than I hope.
Ugh on the exploding dish. What a mess that must have been.