Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Finish!

 I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We had dinner with the kids, but we were all sick, so had a nice dinner and spent a little time together. The kids all wore masks and I wore mine when we sat together, but I am sure we all got the same one, since they are the only ones I spend time with. 

I got a new set of templates so I could try some bowl cozies. I got them on eBay, a cheaper set and it came with quite a few sizes, so I can make late ones for the table and smaller ones for bowls that come out of the microwave.

These are what they look like. They are not as thick and hard as regular rulers, but strong enough to do the job and a lot less than the name brands.

I made a large cozy to test them out, perfect for my large dish on Thanksgiving. It is a fun way to decorate the table, as well. I have plenty of fun Christmas fabrics that I can make, so I will work on those this month.

The boys made me some birthday presents. Nick has been collecting glass with me and they used what they had found. I love them and have a place to hang them, so that was a nice surprise.

At home, the birds have been busy at the feeder. A lot of the winter birds are coming back and new ones from nesting season, so it is busier than usual. The female Cardinal was kind enough to sit still for a photo.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and are blessed with good health. Lots of flu's going around this year.


Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

The pictures your grandsons made are so sweet�� I couldn't quite read the brand of your bowl templates. Would you share the name? I am really interested in making the large size, as you did. No sign of cardinals here yet and the silly robins haven't flown to warmer temps yet. Plenty of deer
though cleaning up our Apple trees ��

Rugs and Pugs said...

Such sweet gifts from the boys!!!
Happy belated birthday.

Fiona said...

What lovely pictures by your grandsons... they know what you love! Those templates look useful.... I like the curved edges...