Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Finish!


A new month and a new stitchery by Kathy Schmitz. This one was a bit generic so I decided to reduce it a bit and make a lavender pillow and have fun with colors. I enjoy stitching at night while I watch tv, so these are fun to do. Tonight I started on another new project, Church cat by Cheri Saffiote. I won it in the weekly contest and had it ready to start, so now I can just enjoy stitching it together.

With the heat that never ends, the only place to go, is the beach. We have been going to the same beach on the island and usually there are only a few people. I was finally able to get out in my little kayak, I love to just put around in the cove and ride on the waves.

Another day I enjoyed swimming, sometimes It is just too hot, and the water is the best place to be. 

A view from the rocky cliff, something I never get sick of seeing.

On this day I found a few more treasures and a large piece of colored pottery. The whale shaped rock was a fun find.

And at home, enjoying my feathered friends. The heat seems to have bough out more visitors and more. young. I love seeing the Goldfinches in my neighbor's yard, but I still want to get up close without them flying off. Flowers are from my side garden.

Today I stayed home, too hot to be at the beach and I needed a rest. I enjoyed some time in the side yard, watching the birds at my other feeder and the bird bath area. These two crows are quite the characters.

I also had a lot of Blue Jays, the young are eating on their own now and less shy than the adults.

A White Breasted Nuthatch, Mourning Doves, a crow and my resident Chipmunk, all came to visit today. I also saw a few others who were either too far or too fast to catch. I hope everyone had a good week and fun plans for the weekend.  


Fiona said...

Fun to see those birds.. the bluejay is beautiful...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Our weather broke last night after an extremely humid day and a night of heavy rain. Today we only made it to 70º. Love the whale rock. Your phlox looks beautiful. For some reason, they don't do well. They flower but the plants look sickly. I think I will finally pull them out this fall. Your photos of the feathered friends are always incredible...but I am partial to that first one of the two crows. You can almost tell their personalities from it LOL. Have a great new week Debbie. ~Robin~