Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Finish!


Another week went by too fast. This is our anniversary and vacation week and I had no time or energy to get ready. For me, I have to plan, find a place, get the trailer and packing ready, get the house in order and figure out food, not really a vacation, so I gave up on that idea. Not being able to eat a lot of foods, makes it hard so if I do get motivated this weekend, we may take off on Monday for a midweek getaway. Otherwise we will do things closer to home.

I finish my stitchery for Kathy Schmitz's club, another hot pad. It is one way to start using up my stash and I have a bolt of Insulbrite to use up, as well as, way too much fabric. I do want to do charity quilts and will use a lot of it for that. 

We also got to the beach during the week. My SIL moved back to the island, so we met up at the beach. On the way out, this catbird decided to sing to me.

I found a few treasures, as we walked and chatted.

Another day we took Bean to my favorite beach, usually empty, later in the afternoon. Bean loves walking in the water.

It was full low tide and I think someone hit the beach, before we got there, not much to find, but I was able to catch a few pieces in the surf. I was happy to find a few pieces of pottery with designs.

And at home, I enjoy watching the birds. My Downy Woodpecker bought his new son for a visit and a snack. I hope. you all had a nice week and enjoy your weekend. We shall see where this week takes me.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your idea of not many beach glass finds made me laugh. I think it is quite a haul. It's hard to imagine how much glass is out there waiting to wash up on the beach.

Fiona said...

lovely sewing and beach finds.... fun to have family nearby. WE have a catbird here too - it's a fatter bird and fouind in the rain forest and calls like a mad cat.


TheCrankyCrow said...

You must have the sweetest collection of hot pads around. 🥰 I know what you're saying about the "vacation" prep.... Although it's been years since I have gotten to go on a proper vacation, even just packing to go to the lake can be a task. It seems like I run around like crazy before I leave and then all the while I'm there and again when I have to leave. But, haven't been there either in a long, long, time. Happy Anniversary in any event...sometimes those "close-to-home" getaways are the best anyway. ~Robin~