Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Finish!


This week I finished another pillow with the monthly design by Kathy Schmitz. The original design had a date and it included a grouping of designs you could add. I loved the cat and dog and thought it would be a perfect gift for my cat sitter. I made the dog a bit more pointy to look like Bean and faces, since the original was blank.

I added lavender, she asked me for some more lavender pillows and she just had some minor surgery, so a happy present while she recuperates.

I also got a chance to make a few masks for the boys. Nick wanted some crazy colored fabric, so that is what he got.

We also got a chance to spend time on the island. We took the RV so Bill could sit and enjoy the views with a few walks along the paved road. Of course I spent the majority of my time at the beach. I got a nice little stash to add to my collection.

The lightening wasn't great and I was getting tired, but I took a few quick shots of the action going on in the marsh area. There is an Osprey nest there and he was swooping back and forth, looking for fish, but too fast to catch him as he got closer.

I hope everyone had a good week and have a wonderful weekend.


acorn hollow said...

wonderful finish as always. Nice you got out and about with your husband. Great pictures

Olde Dame Holly said...

What a cute pillow. I love the edging, too. I spy a heart-shaped piece of seaglass among all the other pretty pieces!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Whether you think so or not, you always get so much done!

Susan said...

The pillow looks so classy. It sounds like a wonderful week, well balanced with different activities.

Carol S. said...

Your pillow looks really beautiful and what a great idea to add some lavender. Great photos of your walk on the beach!

Monique said...

Very nice :-)