Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Blessings!

This week has been a slow week for crafting, and more of a whirlwind of caretaking, along with my regular routine and of course caring for the fur babies. Bill had to go back in and have his medicines adjusted at the beginning of the week, but he is doing well now and hopefully things will only improve.

As for me, I am doing way too much in a day and wearing myself out. To top it off, a package was delivered and left in the driveway and it was a 40 pound box of printer paper. I had no choice but to bring it in, so paying for that now and fighting off a bug. 

I have been working on some new projects, so I make sure I have some time for myself and creating. I did get to enjoy an hour this week, walking along the river and taking photos. Bill's therapy will be here, so when he goes for visits, I can go for walks in the area. The bike path is close by and a couple of old cemeteries, so something fun for me to do, instead of sitting in the waiting room.

Across the street is an art gallery and someone decided that the tree needed to keep warm this winter.

On the other side is the river, with a waterfall. The area was once home to mills. 

Looking up river you can see the bridge to cross the river and a covered dock to sit and relax at.

It is a great place to enjoy watching the wildlife.

And when I got home, I got a nice surprise. I had made a friend some masks and she sent me a big box of roving. I love the colors and the glitter in the multi-colors in the back, there area some gorgeous maroons and purple in that, and I might even try a little dragon with it.

I hope you are all blessed with good health this Easter.


Olde Dame Holly said...

A tree sweater. I have seen it all! Someone was very creative! Hope you get more time for yourself and for fun soon. Happy Easter!

Kate said...

Love the photos, Debbie. It's good to read that Bill is improving - now you take care of yourself.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear Bill is doing well.
Happy Easter ;-)

Connie said...

I enjoyed your photos! Happy Easter to you.