Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Finish, fun and not so fun!


This has been one of those weeks, but I was able to finish one project I had started. It is a design by Robin Leuschen of Bird in the Hand Primitives. I used the main design and made a lavender sachet. It was a fun piece to do for Spring.

We didn't do a lot on the weekend, the weather hasn't been the greatest, but we had a nice day for a ride and headed into Connecticut. We took a loop ride to check out a few pond areas, but no birds or areas that we could get into without walking in the cold. 

So what did we see? Something you wouldn't expect along the roadway, a dinosaur.

And a Teradactyl on a roof. It is a place called Dinosaur Village, the kids have been inside so we may go again with the boys, when they reopen.

Another thing in the village is a large antique mall, a great place to explore on a cold day. We spent hours and I saw a lot of great items, but a bit pricey for me. But I did come home with a few goodies.

And on the way back home, we made a few stops at local lakes and parks.

And then things went downhill. I wanted to rest on Monday, wasn't feeling great and my injuries were acting up, but that was not to be. I woke up to voices, my husband and son. My son was nice enough to go pick Bill up from the hospital so I wouldn't have to. Bill was on his way to work and stopped for coffee and slipped on the ice at the shop, so now he is laid up. 

We had to wait for permission to get an MRI, so that happens on Tuesday and we will find out what the damage is. So, I am back to taking care of everything that I can and luckily my son is good about helping and I discovered online shopping for food. Not as good as what we pick out, but easier on me since I cannot lift too much.

I hope everyone has had a better week and it won't be long before Spring is here.


acorn hollow said...

So sorry your husband fell it has been icy here too I feel like I am a hundred walking around I do not want to fall. Hopefully it is just some ice and therapy.
Great finish as always.


Olde Dame Holly said...

What a shame, I hope Bill's knee isn't too injured. Ice is so treacherous. And I hope you feel better, too. Your lavender pinkeep/sachet - I had to smile, because the only cross stitch I finished this week I also made into a lavender sachet/pin cushion! You snagged some lovely items from the antique mall. And if those poor dinosaurs could think, they might be wondering "Is this another Ice Age coming?"

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Bill :( I hope it's nothing serious and he recovers quickly!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love Robin's sweet designs and you did it beautiful justice. Love the dinosaurs LOL...Please be sure to post photos of the inside when you get there! Hope Bill's injuries are not too incapacitating and that he heals fully and quickly... I have first-hand knowledge of that fall business. :-( ~Robin~