Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Finishes!

One thing about being stuck at home, is I get a lot more done. I am enjoying some me time, I haven't done any real quilting in ages and doing some small projects to start is a good way to get back into it.

On Cheri's quilt group, someone found a photo of a quilt they liked. We were given permission to use it, so I made up a line drawing from the photo. I moved the lettering a little to make it fit better. When I was finished, I had more space than I needed, and got creative with a little extra quilting and some inspirational words.

I also made up a little sachet pillow with a design from Kathy Schmitz. I have several large designs that have nice small designs in them, perfect for smaller sachets.

On Saturday we went to the pond to look for the eagle and try the paths, to see where they led. No eagle and I couldn't find a nest in the woods, but we did stumble onto a new bike path. They are still working on it, but definitely another path that we can ride, when it is finished.

We got out this weekend, it was beautiful weather for long walks at the bird sanctuary. Signs of spring were everywhere, the turtles were out sunning and  the sounds of frogs filled the air.

There were hawks in the area, as well as woodpeckers and other varieties, but too quick to get shots of most of them.

We ended the walk at the owl cages. They take in injured birds and some are not able to go back to the wild, so they live their life at the sanctuary. This is a screech owl, they also have hawks and even a vulture who was recuperating.

Remember, being stuck at home, does not mean you have to stay inside. Get out and explore your own back yard and surrounding areas, you never know what. you will find. 


Fiona said...

You got some lovely things made and did pretty walks.... take care and happy stitching...
Hugz said...

If you squint a little that last owl pic looks like a tree! What an awesome little creation. Liking your creativity too!

acorn hollow said...

I am still working but not sure for how long. We are working hard at getting out daily but it has been cold here.

Rugs and Pugs said...

We all need an angel in our homes! Scary times.
Be safe and be healthy!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love your little angel and all your nature pictures. Thanks so much for taking me along. Living in this big city, I really need that reminder of the beauty of nature.

TheCrankyCrow said... sweet... I really like the sachet. Is the green on the willow actually all stitched? Yikes! That bike path looks like it will be awesome. I agree, the owl looks like bark on a tree...I had to look twice (well, actually 3 or 4 times LOL). I would love to get outside, but still too cold for fact, still snow on the ground and more due to fall tonight. Take good care.... Sunday Smiles ~ Robin

Allie said...

Lovely makes! I'd really like to get outside but still too cold here - I do have to go shopping for mum tomorrow, she's low on meds. I am getting a lot of reading done -