Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Finish!

This week I finished one small project and about to finish a few more projects. I always like to have one small to do during the week and found a small simple one. A friend sent me a box of goodies last year and I had forgotten that it had kits in it, so I decided to make the little heart pin cushion.

After I made it, I decided to turn it into a lavender sachet, I really do need a lot of those. I am putting one in every box of supplies and also drawers, as well as books, the lavender keeps the musty smell away and it seems to keep the moths away, as well.

Nothing fancy, but fun and relaxing to make.

I also finished the second snowman pillow top. I was all ready to finish them, I added a border, then I noticed how crooked they were. So now I am trying to figure out if I need to redo the outer stitching, or cut more of the main piece, to follow the lines better. I am not sure if the lines are straight on any part, so I may just redo the bottom stitching and leave it as is, what do you think? I am waiting for my brain to work better, before I redo it.

We also got out last weekend, visited some new places, but no eagles. But, I did hit the jackpot with cemeteries, two old ones with a lot of unique stones, so I may just do a booklet and add some sayings and local folklore. I really got a good workout, between hiking and walking up and down hills, along with deep knee bends for better photos. It took a few days for my legs to recover, lol.

We also stopped at local waterfalls,  I love trying the Bulb feature to slow down the water's motion. I don't use a tripod, so I can only do a quick burst, but I was pleased with how this one came out. And if you notice the rocky outcropping, it reminds me of a dog with a stick in it's mouth.

And today I got a nice surprise, a belated Christmas box from my friend. She sent me some fun nautical decorations and made me this wonderful cross stitch piece. I always treasure the things my friends make me.

It looks like a storm is heading our way, so we may not get out as much, but I have been reorganizing and cleaning and today I made a lot of progress, so I can finally move my furniture around in my sewing room, to make it more functional. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe if you are in the storm's path.


Karen said...

The blue and white snowman is my favorite.

Fiona said...

lovely little sachet... I like them in project boxes too..... hope you don't have too bad a storm...

Kate said...

I like your heart sachet. I did not know that lavender will keep the musty smell away - thank you for that info.

acorn hollow said...

You are always so productive. Love the heart.
The snow coming in caused my weekend plans to be cancelled so sad about it. But it is what it is.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Very cool waterfall pic, and I agree that the rocky outcropping looks like a dog with a stick 😊
Productive as always!!!

Susan said...

Love the waterfall. I wouldn't do a thing about the two snowmen. They look fine to me. I think on things like this it shouldn't be too perfect. But I like primitive stitcheries, so I might be biased. =) These don't look primitive, but they look fine as is. The little sachet is great. I like the idea of having a small something each week, so there's at least something I feel like I accomplished!