Monday, June 24, 2019

Whale and Driftwood Punch Needle!

It seemed to be too long of a week. Our anniversary week and Bill took it off, but it rained on and off, so we never got to do anything we had planned. We got some time at the beach, but I never got to relax or work on anything, so today I made up for it, lol.

I have been collecting driftwood and thought it would be fun to design something to go on a flat piece. Today I made a whale with Jonah inside, based on old drawings I had seen. I wanted to keep it simple and see how it would look, so it is not perfect, but I like how it came out and with a few tweaks, I can make it into a pattern. I have already gotten interest in a pattern, so I will be working up a new one, that may be different, so I can make two in this set.

I would love your input, what you do and don't like, anything you would like to see in nautical or beach pieces? I antiqued this piece, the blues were too bight and light, I tend to grab floss out of my scrap box, to use them up. I also had to go with 6 strands, since I can't seem to find my smaller tip, so I will look for that tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for the anniversary wishes. I try and answer comments, but some are anonymous and some have no email, and not all come to my email. If you have a question and I cannot answer you, I will answer those in the comment section.

We had planned on taking the kids out a few days, and on Saturday I got too sick to do anything. Sunday they came over and had a fun day at our house, I was still weak but having them, always picks up my spirits. Unfortunately Bill put way too much chlorine in the pool, so my son bought one of their small ones to play in. That along with squirt guns and we all got cooled off. Bean had a blast too, but he got so excited listening to the boys screaming that he tore off the lower half of my screen tent, ugh. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and made memories of your own.


Saundra said...

A perfect piece of driftwood for your design. Congratulations on having someone inquire about a pattern. Way to go nothing better than making a couple bucks to support our habit.

Fiona said...

the whale on the driftwood is such a good idea and looks great.... sorry you weren't; well. The boys seem to have had a lot of fun cooling down there... water play always goes down so well....

Rugs and Pugs said...

That piece of driftwood is just the perfect compliment to Jonah and the whale.
The boy sure look like they were having a great time. What a fun grandma and grandpa 😊

Jenny Bonynge said...

Love the whale!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Debbie,
Happy Belated Anniversary wishes!! Congrats on all those years together!!
LOVE your whale with Jonah and the driftwood was truly a perfect find!!!
Also, I do hope you are feeling better! Nothing worse than being under the weather in the summer! Actually, it just isn't fun to be under the weather at all!!!
Cute pictures of your family and looks like they had a wonderful time!!!
Take care and feel better!!
Heart Hugs~

Susan said...

The boys are cute, and if I missed wishing you happy anniversary, then I do so now! That is an even more attractive whale. I love the color variations in his skin. It really does make it seem like glistening with water. I like Jonah's red coat, too. Against the driftwood, that is just amazing! I hope you are feeling fantastic again.