Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Finish and Fun!

This week I worked on a stitchery. It is a pattern from Kathy Schmitz's, One Stitch Club. It is fun to get a new one each month and they make wonderful pillows. The designs this year have a bird theme and are all the same size, so those who want, can make them into a quilt.

I made a pillow, something I can decorate with or give as a gift. It measures 10" x 10". I wanted it a bit larger, so I added a little border.

Last weekend we took the boys to the aquarium and then to the owl sanctuary, as well as a picnic. The boys loved seeing the outside areas, now that it is warm enough. The sanctuary was a great place to play and explore.

We went for a picnic in between and I wanted some place close that wasn't crowded, so we went to the Mystic cemetery, which was nearby. It was a beautiful day to sit and enjoy watching the boats and the boys were fascinated by the gravestones. The funny thing was, I told Bill to stop at a place that had an open area and parking, and when we got out, I noticed the gravestone in front, said Daniele. Spelled differently than my daughter's name, but a strange coincidence.

At the sanctuary, they noticed that the different trees, made different sounds when they banged a stick on them.

And a few of the critters we saw at the aquarium, as well as, a Tom who was showing off to the two females in my yard. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Lucky boys to have so much fun with grandma and grandpa!

Fiona said...

such a lovely day out for the boys …. so much to see and do - I bet they sleep very well after a day with you (and you sleep very well after a day with them?) Another lovely stitchery too....

acorn hollow said...

such a wonderful day for the boys and you.
Always love your projects and you are so fast at them.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love your pictures but what makes me most happy is to see those little guys getting up close with nature. I wish I saw more of that here in Tokyo.

Karen said...

I like Kathy's bird designs. Nice that her stitcheries have a theme of them. You get them, I would just keep looking at the patterns and wishing.