Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend had on and off rain, so we didn't get out as much, but we did get out enough to enjoy the good weather. We always like to give Bean a day where he can have fun, so on Saturday we took him to Jamestown so he could play at the beaches and go for a walk.

We spent the first part at Fort Getty, where Bean had the beach to himself and I hunted for rocks, but the tide had just started going out so not many good choices. After the beach we walked along the cliff path and enjoyed the fresh air and views. In the fields there were a few thistles and the remaining butterflies were getting their fill of nectar.

We walked around the lighthouse loop and then headed to the diver's beach, another beach all to ourselves, at least for awhile. Bean made another new friend who was goofier than he was. The tide was out enough that I found a few heart rocks and pieces of glass for my collection. Someday I want to make something with multi-art techniques, with them.

That night it was foggy and I really wanted to get a photo of the moon rise. We took the chance and of course the moon was barely visible but it did pop out at times. I was able to get one decent shot of the moon over a Bridge in Newport.

On Sunday the kids came over, and it was raining, so they visited and then slipped out, while I kept Nick occupied. He will not stay if they leave, so it was time we got him over his fear. Once I told him they had to go home to get something and we were going to the beach and then taking him home, he was fine and ready to go. He enjoyed playing at Fisherman's Memorial and running around the hill top.

Even Grandpa had fun running around. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Prayers for those in California.


kelley said...

the photo of the two of them running is so perfect...the look on Nick's face...

acorn hollow said...

that moon was so beautiful! love the shot of the bridge.
looks like everyone had fun

gracie said...

Sounds like a delightful outing. I spent ouch of my childhood playing around the forts at Jamestown before they were parks. Nick certainly looks like he enjoyed himself.

annie said...

Wonderful post!
Great photos!

Rugs and Pugs said...

The fires in California make me so sad. I can't even begin to imagine losing everything. My heart breaks for them. We must remember to count our blessings.

Julie Fukuda said...

My son has been on fire duty since mid July and they keep burning ... jumping rivers and roads, and some in wilderness areas where one can not just get to them. I like your beach pictures. Nick is growing so fast.

mary nielsen said...

Oh my ... the moon over the bridge ... be still my heart.