Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a beautiful weekend, although it was a bit warmer than I expected, those fall days when it is too warm for pants and too cool for shorts. On Saturday we decided to go to Connecticut again, lots of towns that we pass by and this time we wanted to explore the town of Woodstock.

The town is full of history, old churches and historic home and some wonderful antique stores, but we didn't do any shopping since this was Bean's day and we wanted to stay outside.

In town I got to enjoy seeing Roseland Cottage, a time when Pink was in, lol. It looks small from the front, but the home extends out in the back and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Then we went to Cemetery Road and checked out the graveyard. I love looking at the old stones and it sat beside a beautiful historic church. I thought this stone was unique, an old mill stone with the first family at the top in the 1800's, to the latest members in recent years.

The owner of the pink mansion also built a park for the town and his friends. Originally it had water fountains and over 1,000 rose bushes, now it has a few buildings left and the gazebo so visitors can walk out onto the lake.

On the way home, we took the long way around the Patchaug Forest. We got out at one trail and looked around, a beautiful river runs through. We kept going to see if there was a park entrance and stumbled onto a beautiful waterfall and basin. I just happened to see the sign as we were driving by and the cars parked there, so I made Bill turn around and I am glad I did. It is much nicer in person, and the cool air blowing down the stream was refreshing. Further up there is a large basic, where some kids were taking a swim, even thought it said no swimming;)

I had noticed another forest at the end of this one, so we drove around and came to another portion of the forest. I was surprised when we came into the parking area, it is an area we have been to before and I didn't realize it was there, since we usually come by from a different route. It is also a park that has a bike path section, so we will definitely come back, I can imagine biking around the side of this lake into the Patchaug forest above, maybe next weekend.

On Saturday we took Nick out. First we stopped at the park near his house to get a few photos, then we headed to the waterfalls, then the park, and from there we went to the apple orchards and finished it off with a walk up part of Lantern Hill.

In this photo, Nick is walking on the path at Lantern Hill, we had a steep climb than it levels out, then it goes up a steeper climb, so we just walked to the end of the path and turned around. I had to hold his hand all the way up one incline, I wasn't sure we could do the higher one, since we had been out all day and we were all getting tired. I would have liked to take him to the next level to see the views, but I think the next trip will be Bill and I, so we can go to the top to see the foliage from the cliffs.

He loves the bridge and the railroad tracks, I am not sure if any trains ever come this way, but I think a special seasonal train does, for a foliage ride.

And what would a day with Nick be, without a little silliness.

And treasure hunting, Nick found a few rocks, he kept the first one and the rest we left and at the orchards he found a flag rock, so I left it at the park near his house. We also left a few of our rocks for DSmiles4miles on Facebook.

After we dropped Nick off, we passed by the pond and the sun was setting, so we stopped and enjoyed the views. It was a wonderful but tiring weekend and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and some adventures of your own.


Kate said...

Debbie, loved reading and looking at your weekend adventures!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Nick and grandpa look like they are having a great time!
The last picture is gorgeous!
Happy fall,

kelley said...

You go to the best places...Nick is so lucky to have fun grandparents!

Sandi said...

What a gorgeous day for some lovely adventures and wonderful photographs.

Surprisingly we didn't have rain yesterday or today as promised. The morning was clear on Sunday and gradually clouded over.

Love that last sunset photo great colour in it.

The Civil War Quilter said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I LOVE waterfalls.

Fiona said...

Nick is going to grow up with such wonderful memories of his times with you...


Karen said...

The pink color of the house is an eye-opener!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful weekend! The pink,house, parks, fall foliage and a beautiful grandson. That's a winning weekend.
Thanks for sharing!

Allie-oops Designs said...

What a love of nature you're inspiring in Nick, that's awesome. Beautiful pics. I love that pink house!!!