Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday this and that!

With the long weekend, I didn't get as much done at home and we decided to extend it one day, since the weather was so beautiful. We ended up going to Newport and enjoy the fresh air and walks in the area.

We went to one beach to let Bean play, but there were a lot more people and surfers, so we enjoyed watching them and headed back to the cliff walk. We were lucky to find a spot close to the walk entrance, even if we had to pay to park, it was worth it. Here is a view of the beach, after the walk, we rested here and had a snack lunch and I collected a lot of glass. The waves would roll in and push pebbles and glass in, then go out and come in with another batch. A lot was new, so I just took the worn pieces.

The cliff walk was nice, but it was a lot hotter than I expected, so we only went half way. I realized later that half was was 3 miles, so I guess I got a good walk in. Hard to notice how far you walk when you have views like this.

We took the scenic route back and stopped at Fort Adams. At this point I was tired and it was low tide, so Bean was able to have some fun on this beach. It was nice getting out, but it did wear me out.

Since Bill had more time off, we went shopping and found some boards for my beach room. They are aged gray, so I am leaving them as is, I like the gray and will make a nice backdrop to hang art pieces. I am not sure about the darker boards now, maybe I will white wash them, later.

I also started a punch needle. It is a design by Tonya Robey from Primitive Quilts and Projects. It is a rug design, so I reduced it for punching. I had to redo the face, my needle had a burr and I realized when I looked at the front that it was all messed up. I am still debating on the background, thinking dark blues to bring out the lighter colors?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am hoping the rains stay away and we can get out and see some foliage.


acorn hollow said...

We use to do the cliff walk when my daughter was in college in RI so pretty
you were busy but every thing looks great.

Kate said...

Beautiful views Debbie that must make your walk most enjoyable. I like the new boards you've put up - they look weathered. Enjoy the weekend.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

There is nothing as relaxing as a walk on the beach...and collecting rocks and shells. Have a great weekend!

Allie-oops Designs said...

You really take wonderful pictures, hon. I like the darker boards, they add so much interest, and the difference won't be as noticeable when you start hanging things. Your new punch needle piece is awesome!