Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week I decided to finish a piece I made up for camping, and never did. I had two and decided on the angel saying and realized it was the perfect gift for a friend who is going through a tough time. I was thinking while I worked on it, that it is a good idea for me, to make up some different stitcheries with sayings that I can give to others, so I will be working on some ideas.

I like the pillow idea since it can be displayed to look at, used to comfort when they need something to hold and something they can  use to ease pain after an operation or injury, so I will think about that when I design them too. I made this one large enough, but also soft enough for her to use as a cushion.

I forgot to measure it before I sent it out, and sizes will depend on sayings too. They need to be something I can make in a day or two. This one I used a saying from Jan Patek's angel book and a free angel, I found on the web.

I also worked on my painting from the class I won, by Teresa Kogut, Gather, Dream Create. I finally made time for myself, by cleaning and getting things done, but of course, the day did not go as planned. First it was my tooth, it has been bothering me so I made an appointment for today, but yesterday it got worse so my mouth was one giant nerve pain. That along with phone calls, made me lose track of what I was doing and I got frustrated when the video kept stalling, so I just started painting the small one myself. I did use her technique and tutorial for the face, the first time I made one that looked nice, but I decided the small piece is too small to work on with the tutorial, so I will just do it my way and use the large one for the tutorial. This is what I did so far, a few details, but mostly base colors to get the overall look.

On top of that, my son called, my DIL's dad died the other day and I will be watching Nick while she is gone, while my son works from my house. So, he will be stealing a room to set up his computers and Nick will be with me, during the day for 4 weeks. Today I had him while he drove her to NY to get a flight at a better price, so I am still waiting for him to return. That would be ok, if I had any sleep last night, no sleep at all, I have been up since yesterday and then the dentist where I got the tooth removed, but the pain of that is so much better than what I had. So, I am waiting for Nick to be picked up and then I am going to sleep, lol. 

Tomorrow I will have a day out, I need to enjoy doing something fun and different and then I can start reorganizing the house. I hope  you all have a wonderful weekend.

As you can see, my angel is not finished, and some things are off, but I fix those as I paint. This is 5" x 7", so not a lot of room for shading and the techniques that Teresa uses.


Karen said...

Love the angel painting, Debbie. I wish I could do something like that.
You are going to have your hands full with a young man running around the house.
Good that you got the tooth pulled but oh ouch!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Eek - nothing worse than tooth pain, it's so close to your brain! Glad you're feeling better. Wow you'll have your hands full. I LOVE your painting - you are obviously talented - and your angel pillow is darling. Hope you get some rest, Debbie!

acorn hollow said...

Love the angel! So sorry about your DIL's dad but you will get some good grandchild time.
enjoy this beautiful weekend.

Sandi said...

Both your angel pieces at lovely Debbie, I especially like your painted one. A nice start to learning her techniques.

Sorry to hear of your DIL loss of her dad. I know all will work out well for you having your son and Nick at your home while she and the little one are away.

Hoping your are having a lovely Saturday after promised sun it has. Den dull and raining, but the great thing is the leaves are coming out in the trees which is always a lovely sight.

Kate said...

Debbie, your pillow is such a thoughtful gift.
I felt exhausted just reading that you were going to have Nick all day for a month, lol. Enjoy having him around.

cucki said...

Beautiful x

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sorry about your DIL's dad. You will have plenty of Nick time!
Loving that angel. Teresa is SO TALENTED!
Happy Sunday :)

Fiona said...

cushions are a lovely gift especially with the sayings on that you are finding. It will be both fun and exhausting with Nick around so much..... I'm sure he will just love spending that time with you...