Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Holiday Weekend Part II !

We packed in a lot of things in 4 days, I am still recovering, lol. Cleaning and cooking to catch up and then to top it off, I won a contest. I won a free class from Teresa Kogut, Angelic Strokes Tutorial. I was totally surprised and thrilled, never thought I would win one of her classes. I love her angel designs and her style and now I am learning the technique she uses while making one of the angels.

Today was shopping for supplies, even though I have painting supplies, I didn't have the ones I needed. I still didn't find everything, but I can substitute on the ones I didn't find. Today was cutting up paper and applying that to the canvas, then tomorrow I seal it all, then I can start painting on the next day.

The camp we stayed at was close to multiple beaches, so we stuck close by and enjoyed each one. We did get cooler temps, but warm enough during the day to get out for some walks. At night we got some rain, so I didn't get to enjoy as many sunsets or see the meteor showers, but it was nice to get away and give me a change of pace, just what I needed to recharge.

One nice thing about off season is, we can take Bean to the beaches. We realized after, that this month is off limits to dogs, but everyone else had their dogs on the beach, so I guess they don't enforce it.

And we found a section with no people, which Bean was thrilled about since he gets to go off leash. He was really good and stayed with us, but if he is close to kids and dogs, he wants to go play and jump on them, so I am careful about that. He loved playing in the ocean, I guess the cold doesn't bother him.

We got down before sunset, so we got to watch as the sun went down, then the clouds took over and we never got to see the full setting, but still beautiful as it went down.

On Sunday we spent the morning watching the ferry go out and then headed home  to get ready for Easter dinner. The kids cooked and my son smoked beef and salmon and made foods I could eat, it was a real treat not to have to cook and be able to eat most of the items at the table.

They also did an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Hard to take photos when they are running around so fast, you can't keep up. Nick is so cute, he kept up with the older kids.

Alex is at the age where he is aware of everything and seems to have taken cues from Nick on making faces for photos, he is such a ham with his expressions. Most are blurry though, he never sits still.

Now it is back to creating again, hopefully I will have some progress of my painting and a new stitchery block, by friday.


acorn hollow said...

sounds and looks like you had a great time.

Kate said...

Congratulations on winning the class session - I look forward to seeing your work. Your photos are wonderful, Debbie, and you have such a great shot of the little guy and Bean.

Barbara said...

Congratulations on winning that contest. Have a wonderful time!

Sandi said...

Wonderful news about the class. I entered it also, glad you got it over me.

I'm always interested when I see the sand drift fencing in photos. Not something we see on the west coast of Canada or along the beaches I've been in Washington, Oregon or California. Have seen it in Texas though.

Love that sunset picture. Cute pictures of the boys.

cucki said...

congrats on winning that and smiles x

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love Teresa's art and she is one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet.
Looking forward to your progress!

Julie Fukuda said...

Looking forward to seeing what the class has you create. I love the pictures of Bean but that face shot of little Alex is certainly competing.
Glad you had a nice day with the work shared by others.

Allie-oops Designs said...

You just find the best places. You've got me longing for the beach! I want to run and play in the waves like Bean. The kids are too cute for words!!!!