Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We are finally getting some beautiful weather, warm and sunny with a cool breeze, just right for getting out and enjoying some exploring.

On Saturday we did some shopping first to get some camping gear, though we may not go if the weather goes downhill. Looks like rain on Sunday so we won't be able to have the kids down for a picnic, so my son will do the cooking and that way if we do go, we can just go there for dinner and not worry about cooking.

We decided to take Bean for some fun time at his favorite beach. No one was around since it was a bit cool, so he could run off leash and he had a wonderful time.

We had a low tide so we could explore the shoreline and I found a few new heart rocks and some sea glass. Bean was happy running around and pushing rocks in the sand.

On the way back I spotted the Osprey on the perch, next to his nest.

Sunday the kids stopped by and Nick stayed with us for the day. It was so nice that we decided to go to the beach. He was so cute, jabbering away and saying Wow, over and over, when he saw how big and long the beach was. We got him a pail and he had fun digging with grandpa and collecting rocks.

Someone left a row of roses, some going this way and then on the other side, there were more. Not sure why.

The minute we got back in the car, Nick fell asleep. I wanted to visit another area nearby so I got out for a few shots while Nick slept.

No people in this area either, so I got to enjoy the piping plovers who were busy picking at plankton with the low tide.

On the other side, the sandpipers were getting their share of a meal in the water. They are fun to watch and these guys didn't seem to mind that I was so close.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoying sharing my adventures.


Kate said...

Debbie, awesome action shot of Bean!! I enjoy your beautiful photos.

Julie Fukuda said...

Bean enjoys the beach with such gay abandon! I love that picture.
It seems Nick has caught the same enthusiasm for the beach.

Carol C. said...

I always love the beautiful pictures that you share with us!! Wonderful picture of Bean!!

Sandi said...

Beautiful bird shots, looks like it was a beautiful tome.

Saundra said...

Great photos, particularly of that osprey. I think birds of prey are handsome but don't want them in my yard, lol. Plucking fish out of the water is just fine with me, but leave my bunnies alone you red tail hawks!

Fiona said...

Its so fun seeing the sea through the eyes of a child. I remember one of my children saying the water just goes right up to the sky....

julieQ said...

What a lovely picture of your dog! I too collect heart rocks...I would love to see your new ones!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Fun that you got to take Nick to the beach!
Great pictures!!!