Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a beautiful weekend and it was nice to get out again. On Saturday we went for a ride to the ocean and spent some time at the wharf. It was a little cool for the beach but I wanted to get photos of the seagulls that were flocking on the buildings and check out the boats on the docks.

I caught this photo and thought it was funny, with the speed limit sign. It makes it look like the gull on the post is chastising the other gulls for flying too fast in the slow zone.

At the docks behind the building is why there are so many gulls. The fishermen were throwing the leftover fish to them.

And, I found out, it attracts the seals too. I never knew they came into the harbor and it was a treat to see them swimming around and playing in the channel.

On the way home we took a detour and stopped at Snuff Mill. It is where they ground tobacco and also the home of Gilbert Stuart who painted the famous unfinished portrait of George Washington. It is the one, seen on the dollar bill. The museum grounds are closed, so I took a shot from the road, I would like to go back and revisit it when I can go inside. I used to go as a child since I could walk there and it cost 10 cents to get in.

Sunday we had Nick for the day and it was an even nicer day, so we went back to the wharf and got to enjoy some time on the beach. We watched the sail surfers on the water, while Nick played in the sand with a toy he found on the beach.

Even though it was nice, it was still cooler at the beach, so we headed back up the bay and Nick had a picnic on the URI Bay Campus beach. It was a lot warmer and less people, so we could relax and Nick loved the fact that were were thousands of rocks he could throw in the water.

I have also been searching for a vacation place, for our anniversary in June. It seems the Acadia area is popular in June now and now openings on the water, but I finally found one in Stonington at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures. It doesn't have hook ups, but he will plug us in with electric and water and we will stop at a camp on the way home to dump the tank. Now all we need is nice weather so we can enjoy kayaking around the islands that are scattered all through the area.

I think the view is well worth it and there is a launch right next to us. Another bonus is, they will cook our lobster dinner and bring it to our site, so a nice anniversary treat. And, if Bean behaves, he is allowed to go leash free so he can play on the beach. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully winter will end early this year.


Sandi said...

Looks like a lovely weekend adventure Debbie.

It's alway interesting to see the sea birds especially the gulls following the fishing boats into the ports. Great photo of the seal. We have seal lions that come up the river occasionally I haven't seen any recently, guess my timing is off.

acorn hollow said...

Our daughter went to URI and her off campus housing was a beach house all those kids in lovely beach houses in the off season. great pictures and always nice to see that grand baby

Rugs and Pugs said...

A campground that will serve you a lobster dinner? Now that's cool.
Such a cute pic of Nick. Happy you got to spend the day with him.

Kate said...

Such a wonderful weekend that you had Debbie - your photos are terrific and it's nice to see Nick again ... he's such a happy fella.

Natalie Santini said...

Such beautiful photos Debbie, it was a lovely weekend here too. Lobster at a campground- now that's living! LOL Hugs!

kelley said...

love your weekend wanderings...wish I was there throwing rock with Nick...from your videos looks like he was having a grand time...great vacation spot...

Fiona said...

Seals have such sweet faces. So interesting to go to that place - I love historical visits. Nick is growing up so handsome and happy...