Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was cool so we didn't get to spend a lot of time outside and when we did, we basically froze. One of the things I wanted to do was, check out the state park at the south end. I camped there when I was younger, but now it is so popular it is hard to get in.

The campground is on a salt water inlet, with views and close to the beaches and ferry, so it would be a fun place to stay. I did check online and can get in, in early spring, but once the weather warms, it is full up, so maybe i will try for the fall.

The nice thing is, you can still park outside the gates and walk around before they open. It would have been nicer if it wasn't so cold and there was still snow on the pathways, so we couldn't explore the old fort.

It is a really nice park, the sites are spaced nicely and on some you can see views of the ocean. Another nice thing is, they have a hill with a lookout so you can go up there and enjoy the views and I know it would be a great place to watch the sunset. They also allow dogs, which is a big plus.

I am standing on the platform which sits on an old bunker. The bad thing is, you are on the water, but I didn't see any place to put a boat in, but there is a launch across the inlet.

The hill where I was standing, this area was an old fort, so there are still a few underground forts but they have them closed off now.

We took a ride down to the docks and enjoy the views and as always, plenty of seagulls waiting for scraps.

The coast guard boat, heading out.

We drove around the loop to enjoy views from different areas and headed home. Since it was sunny out, I wanted to catch a sunset, so we headed to the lighthouse in Jamestown. We stopped in a different area and I caught some shots from the cliffs, sadly it was muddy and freezing, so I think I will sit in the car next time and get out to take shots;)

Then we got home and Bill had the chills, and he was sick and soon after it hit me, so Sunday was definitely a day of rest, at least for Bill, lol. I made tacos since it is loaded with antioxidants, nothing like hot peppers to kill a flu. I also loaded us down with vitamins and herbs so Bill was ready to go back to work today. I am fighting it, so hopefully it won't get the best of me.

Bean and Moki love the couch and usually sleep at each end, but sometimes Bean just wants to get closer and cuddle. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Kate said...

Great pix, Debbie, especially of Moki and Bean.
I hope you and Bill feel better soon.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope you don't get sick. There is so much going around.
Sweet pic of your furbabies.

Fiona said...

It looks so lovely ... what were the forts for?
Hope you are both ok....x

acorn hollow said...

great pictures as always I could not imagine eating tacos when you are sick. give me toast

Allie-oops Designs said...

Great pics!!! Hope you are both feeling better now - tacos when you're sick???? Gotta say, that never occurred to me, but if it works go for it!

Dawn said...

Beautiful photos. I hope you are feeling better.
So sweet to see the cat and dog napping head to head.