Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Finish, and Giveaway!

This has not been my week, or more like, my worst one in awhile. Bill was sick, then I got full blown flu so we were both sick, who takes care of who? LOL, we all know the answer to that.

Bill started to feel better and he did a few things, like take the dog out to play and stare at his computer, but I did get him to go shopping and make up a chicken fry and we made burritos, not the smartest thing to eat when you are sick, but Bill is limited in his cooking abilities. After that I decided rice was a much better mix with the chicken and much easier on my system.

So, two days of misery with the flu, mostly laying on my chair and sleeping, and looking forward to the next day when I would have more energy to relax and sew. Well, that night I had one of my old spells, when I was in the bathroom and ended up crashing my body into things as I tried to stay upright long enough to get back to the bed. Never made it, whammed my hip and whole right side into one doorway, whammed my left side on another door and Bill finally found me on the floor.

So, My body feels like it got  hit all over with a baseball bat, my motions when I am like this are in high gear, I thrust forward or sideways at high speeds, so not much that doesn't hurt, at this point. For now I am waiting for the main trauma pain to subside, then I can see if anything is really hurt or just needs some rest.

I had two things planned for this week, flu killed it for two days, now I can barely move my arms since my shoulders took the brunt, so resting them and just light typing today.

I received my new design from Kathy Schmitz's One Stitch Club and wanted to make a few things for my Christmas box. I did get one thing finished, a snowman dish cloth. This is a fun one to do on a  dish cloth and I was also thinking, what if I add another to the other end as a runner, maybe some simple trees on each side to balance it out, what do you think?

My other project will be a runner, but I just got it started before I crashed. Not the best photo, but my new flash is being buggy, maybe it was the discount batteries, Bill bought;)

We got quite a bit of snow, I was disappointed tonight, beautiful full moon to catch right after the sunset, but my bones can't take a car ride and the roads are still covered, so not worth the risk. The good thing is, Bean was in heaven, he got to go out with Bill and catch snow, that he was shoveling.

And for putting up with all my rambling, lets have a photo contest. The winner gets any free e-pattern from my ecrater site, even booklets. Name this photo, add a funny caption, you decide. I will pick a winner on Monday night.


Sandi said...

"Hmmm...tastes like chicken!"

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, hole the bruise and aches hel quickly along with your flu issues.

Kim said...

Look Mom, no hands!!!

I also send speedy healing wishes.

Kate said...

Take care and I wish you (and Bill) a speedy recovery. That is a lot of snow, Debbie, and Bean will be in his glory playing in it!

Saundra said...

Ben loves eating snow and takes huge mouthfuls. You're welcome to have it as an adult I'm not fond of it at all. Oh, and hope I am lucky enough to escape the illnesses of winter this year. Hope you get feeling better.

acorn hollow said...

the caption is: No two snowflakes taste alike.
I sure hope you are on the mend it sounds horrid.

Kim said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I hope you didn't seriously hurt anything. Rest up for a few days and recover. Love the photo of Bean. "Looks like snow, tastes like sugar"

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my goodness hon, you just rest and take it easy - that's not good!!! I hope you're feeling better by now, and if not that you do quickly. Love your towel - I do think it would look wonderful with a couple of trees on each side. Bean sure is having fun - our Springer Spaniel used to dive into the snow nose first, she loved it too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Bean is saying, "Help! I can't control my licker".
Hugs :)

Lauri Troutman said...

"Another blizzard? Pfffttttttt!"
Sorry that you and Bill have the crud. Hopefully it doesn't lay you up much longer and you are able to heal your bruises quickly. Your towel looks sweet and I like!E the idea of adding a tree or two. You do such beautiful work!

annie said...

So sorry you are ill! Hope things improve!

Almost my whole family has sickness one way or another. Mine is sinus / cold rotten. Others much worse!

"Tickle Tongue"

He is so cute! Grin

Karen said...

How big is the Christmas box? Seems like you have already made several nice gifts to put into it. You are making good progress toward the holiday goal.
Sorry you have been feeling bad. I am sick now too but not flu. Started with a sore throat and now coughing. I did not sleep much last night.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh Deb....sounds like you had a perfectly miserable week....I hope this week will be better. Having the flu is no fun...especially when the hubs has it too...and you're right....we all know who takes care of who!!! Love your little stitchery....the snow man is adorable! Hugs and hugs...feel better!