Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We were blessed with beautiful weather this weekend, so I took full advantage and got in some outdoor time. On Saturday we went to Groton and headed to the point to enjoy the views of the Long Island sound and watch the ferries come in and out.

It was foggy over the ocean and the ships were hidden until they got closer. The smaller ferry coming in from Block Island, passing by the haunted light house.

In contrast to the fog, the river side was sunny and blue. The main ferry, heading to Long Island, as it passes the house on the rocks.

We headed to Bluff point for a hike and encountered more fog, with sun on the inland side.

Once we got the the point, we enjoyed some time on the beach. The fog was lifting, so we got to enjoy the  beautiful views.

We took the full hike, which is 4 miles and a few stops so Bean could enjoy the beach areas.

Sunday was another beautiful day and so warm, I had to take off my coat. We went to the Barn Island  Reserve and got to enjoy the full walk. The walk goes along the salt water marshes and through the woods. You can see the path to the left and the wooded areas, then it continues on around that entire area, off in the distance.

The trail ends at the old farm homestead, stonewalls and cellar holes can be found in the wooded areas. We ended at the entrance to the farm, where we turned around and got to enjoy going through the areas again.

As we came back to the area, that shows the view, I spotted a heron feeding in the marsh. I found a pathway to the edge and was able to get a few shots.

Here he is showing off his beautiful wings.

And this is what he looks like, when he is not  hiding his face. Someday I hope to catch one in flight, they are so beautiful but very shy.

I hope you enjoyed going with me,  on my walk. Today is a rest day, I always over do it and wear myself out, but well worth it. A nice surprise came in the mail today, from my friend Laurie. She sent me a beautiful tin adorned with a beautiful punch needle, perfect for storing my supplies. In the back you can see the felted backing she sent, I love it and imagining a beautiful felted scene to make for my beach room. There is also a tiny hat that I can use on one of my characters, a proddy flower, a scrap pile made into a rose shape that has a ball of yarn in the middle and I forgot to add the other gifts, a hand made button bracelet, handmade soap and some teas to enjoy while I create. I feel spoiled but it was a nice pick me up on a down day.

I also took this photo with my new 55mm lens, and I am not happy with the results, time to take it back, they are going to hate me, lol. I want the one I had, but a better one, so I will just wait and save up for a quality lens with anti shake, I realize I need that with my nerve damage, if i want to get clear shots. 

I hope you are all working on fun, new projects. I have my quilt to finish and working on a punched piece for a lap project.


The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh such beautiful, scenic area you live near....I know, I've said it before...but I mean it everytime I see your beautiful pictures. It's just a lovely area. I saw your quilt top in your previous post and it looks really nice! Also...I love the denim rug in your work room. I've got way too many project "undone"....I need to get serious and finish them! THe weather has been very foggy here too...but also very damp and dreary...take care Deb! I love looking at your posts!

Kate said...

Debbie, I enjoyed your beautiful photos.

Sandi said...

Quite the variation of weather in a day.

Love your shots of the heron, we have one that comes to visit when the river is at low tide. One day I watched for awhile while he walked the shallows looking for.a snack. They are suck beautiful creatures.

Hope your are feeling back up to strength today. What a lucky gal are you with that goodie bag of delights.

Kim said...

It is beautiful to walk on the beach no matter what season. Your photos are lovely. I am intrigued by your mention of a haunted lighthouse.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Another wonderful adventure. You sure do live in picturesque area.
Hugs :)

Fiona said...

lovely walks.... lots of rocks on the beach in that area.... looks great for Bean to run in

Allie-oops Designs said...

I'm so glad you take me along on your walks Debbie, I can't walk anymore [far, anyway] and I sure do miss it. I love your nature pics. You'll have to post more about the haunted lighthouse!!!
Laurie sent you some beautiful gifts, so glad you got a pick-me-up, you deserve it!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful area! I think herons are some of the most beautiful birds. Looks like Bean had a great outing too. Rest up and enjoy your fun gifts.