Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Finish!

This was a slow week, did a lot of nothing and not sure where the time went, but it is friday again. I did manage to make a few new pieces to giveaway. I think these would be fun to give to someone who needs a little pick me up, during a tough time. They are from a free design that can be found at Free Christmas Coloring under angels.

I did one with tea stained muslin and one with a regular cotton.

We had rain and warmer temperatures so all of our snow melted. Bean loves snow but he also loves to play ball and he loves to do tricks. I was practicing with my new lenses and got some action shots, he sure makes a lot of funny faces and poses when he gets excited.

He never misses a chance to catch a ball.

There was a little snow left over, so we used it for snowball catching.

My son sent me a photo of Nick tonight, I guess he was too tired to eat dinner.

To end my night, I tried some shots of the moonrise. I wish I could have gone to the shore and taken it as it rose above the horizon. Hopefully we will have a clear night tomorrow and maybe catch a sunset or the moonrise, or both. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Sandi said...

Love your moon shot,I don't really have anywhere I could catch a shot with it so low in the sky.

Poor Nick looks like he must have been as active as Bean chasing balls and snowballs. Loved the video you've share of him this past week.

I can't believe where the work went either.

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures.....thanks for sharing. Thank you also for the great link to the Angels.

Kate said...

Love the photos, Debbie, and you have some great action shots of Bean. Nick must have had a busy day - cute photo of him. :) Thanks for the link.

Karen said...

The angel bunny eggs are cute as can be!

Darlene said...

Simply gorgeous photo of the moon! The stitched eggs will make a nice little gift for someone.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your moonrise picture is beautiful!
Nick is too cute.
Hugs :)

Kyle said...

Thanks for sharing that delightful resource link. Your bunny hugs are so sweet.

acorn hollow said...

How I love your moonrise! Love your stitching as always.
that sweet baby so tired.

Kim said...

Great action shots of Bean! And a little less action from Nick. Lol