Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was nice, but cold. I still wanted to get out and as long as the sun is out, it is always a nice day for a ride. Saturday we went to Narragansett and Galilee. It is nice since we can stop in some stores on the way, then ride around the scenic route to enjoy views of the coastline.

Stopping in Galilee is always nice, we can sit and enjoy the views from the car. I did get out for some shots of the seagulls. A few were enjoying the day on the dock so I was able to get a nice close up of them.

I also caught this one, as it came flying in.

We decided to stop at Black Rock to get some photos and enjoy a short walk. Since I needed my hands to shoot photos, I kept taking my gloves off and it wasn't long before my fingers froze, way too cold but such a beautiful place with it's sculpted rocks.

We ended the day with the kids, who came over for dinner and some fun time with the kids. Here are my three favorite guys. I think Alex is going to be a smart alec like his brother, every time I go to take a photo, he makes a face at me. Very hard to get nice shots of the boys, but at least they are fun ones. Bean was playing roll the rock today, his favorite game.

Sunday I decided to go to Newport. It was sunny and a whole 10 degrees warmer, haha. I knew I didn't want to freeze again, so a ride to a few new places and around Ocean drive would be a nice way to enjoy the views without freezing. We stopped at a beach on the way and spotted this school. I looked it up and it is called St. Georges and for only 38,000 you can send your child there for the year, boarding is 59,000.

We got to our destination, Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge. I can't believe we never went here, it is beautiful. It has a path that goes around the point, with beautiful views of the ocean and the surrounding areas. I would love to come here to paddle, they do have launches in the area.

The trail is on the ocean and in between are acres of fields and brush for the wildlife and birds. We spotted a herd of deer in the field.

It is definitely a place you want to visit, if you are in the area. This time I wore a pair of old gloves, and I cut off the tip of my index finger so I could take photos. It was actually nicer and warmer by the shore, so we really enjoy spending time there and just strolling along the beach points. 

We drove home along Ocean ave, an area famous for their mansions. The problem was, it was getting later and the traffic had picked up in town, the wind had picked up and the temperatures were dropping, so we just drove along the route and enjoyed the views. 

Since it was still early for sunset, we headed home and stopped in Jamestown to catch the last of the sunset. We stopped at Fort Getty for a different perspective and the setting sun was casting beautiful colors across the bay. It was the perfect way to end our day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed following me along, on mine.


Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, a nice weekend, and it looks like we might get more views of some of those places at a later date. Considering how much I use my hands, I would think my circulation would be pretty good but my fingers freeze up quickly even in the house at the computer.

Sandi said...

Gorgeous photos Debbie, you are taking a steep learning curve with it.

Love the shots if the boys.that yellow sunset is amazing!

Kate said...

Terrific photos, Debbie! That school is amazing.

Anonymous said...


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Karen said...

You are getting some great shots with your camera.

marie said...

I especially enjoy your shots when you visit Newport, my home town. Ocean Drive was a Sunday afternoon trip during my childhood. Much different now. Thanks for the memories.

Anna Bates said...

such a wonderful post! love the pics of the family :)

Fiona said...

how fun to discover new places to visit ... lovely pictures

Rugs and Pugs said...

You are getting some WONDERFUL pictures!
Hugs :)