Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Wanderings and Surprises.

We had rain on saturday, so no day trips. Instead we went to Best Buy to look at cameras. I wanted something small and simple and of course nothing fit the bill. When you have a good camera, it is hard to compare with the smaller models, but I found the new mirror less cameras that give the same quality with a lot less weight. The camera fits perfectly for me and I can hold it without shaking, and it does take beautiful pictures. But, I am noticing by comparing online, that I am missing some parts and cords and since I took the floor model to save money, I am realizing, it looks more beat up than I thought, so considering taking it back. The following photos are taking with the phone and the new camera, so you can tell me what you think. I do need to learn the settings better, I am sure I could get better quality if I get that figured out.

Since we were getting high wind gusts in RI and Massachusetts, we decided to go to Devil's Hopyard and avoid the winds. The foliage hasn't turned much, but it was still beautiful and we got in a good hike, mostly uphill.

Lots of old bridges and underpasses in the park. Taken with new camera.

The main feature of course, is the waterfall, never fails to amaze me. I would love to just sit there and relax, but it seemed everyone was at the park. Trying to  take a relaxing walk with Bean and people and dogs, can be rough on my arm. Taken with my IPhone.

Of course we have to cross on the covered bridge. Taken with the new camera.

And for fun, a crop of the above photo, the new camera has a higher resolution so it is great for cropping to get close in.

Our final destination, the overlook. You can see the foliage is just starting in the valley areas, so we will have to go back when it is full. We hiked a new path which was going in the wrong direction, so we had to hike up, then down and back up to get to the main path, so we did over 5 miles. Taken with the new camera and a filter, I think the filter washes out the colors a bit.

To end our day we stopped at the apple orchards. They are nearing the end of the season, so all the apples were at the end of the orchard. They offer free rides, so we too advantage of a little fun ride. Of course I felt bad since Nick missed out on a tractor ride;) Taken with my iPhone.

The rest of the photos are from the IPhone. The other bad thing about the new camera is no built in flash and my old flash doesn't fit the mount, so another thing to buy, it does add up.

Kelley has been working on some gifts for me. I wanted to make hit and miss chair pads with stars to use up my stash, but Kelly wanted to make them to get back into hooking again and use up her worm stash. She read my mind and made them better than I imagined, here is one on the extra chairs. The others go at the table and I need to design a nice table topper to match them.

She also made me two runners, love them both and surprised me with some sand colored hearts sachets, perfect for the beach room. I put them on the table for the photograph, but they do look nice there too. They look much better in person, bad lighting for photographs in that room. Kelley does such a beautiful job with prim cuts, and she is also offering free designs this week, so be sure to visit With Hook and Needle.

And I also won Sandi's giveaway, she sent me a beautiful fat quarter. I guess I need to start planning some quilts and table toppers.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I think you took some great photos with your camera! Love the chair mat and runners. Have a happy week!

Julie Fukuda said...

There are things I like about my camera and things that drive me nuts. The thing is, you don't learn those until you play around with it for a few weeks. Love your little finishes and that pup is sure enjoying your outings wherever you go.

Sandi said...

Love the gifts your friend Kelly made, that Aqua heart runner is definitely something that would come home in my suitcase. Did she also make the cat and pumkin with the crescent moon wand or did you? They are all great.

I find sometime when taking landscape shots with lots of sky and those shines rocks it tends to look washed out. I would definitely go back and ask for the missing pieces and if they don't have them return the camera. You have to be happy to use it and if you ain't then it goes back.

acorn hollow said...

Great hooked pieces I have been seeing Kelly's free patterns I have so much ahead of me I just can't do them right now.
Love your pictures I am sorry to say our foliage is on it's last color.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hate my camera but can't justify buying a new one yet and my iPhone 6 takes terrible pictures. I need to get to the Apple store.
Kelley's hooking is the best!!! I bought one piece from her years ago on eBay and won another in a giveaway. They are both wonderful.
Congrats on the win.
Hugs :)

Tammy Franck said...

I love the photos on your hike! Looks beautiful there already. And the new camera photos look great. I have never used the flash on my camera in all the years that I had my canon camera. Looks like your phone takes some amazing photos just as well! And all your rug hooking projects are so very pretty! Love!

Fiona said...

the covered bridge fascinates me... Is there a particular reason some were made covered?


Saundra said...

A great photo your hubby and Bean under the "smile' part of the bridge. They are all framed perfectly. Am envious of your beautiful gifts from Kelley. Lucky you to be the recipient from someone who wanted to get back to hooking again. Uh, as IF she needed any practice. She is an awesome hooker.

moosecraft said...

The "Smile" picture steals the show! :-) Kelley sure did hook up some beauties for you! I think my favorite is the hit n miss runner...