Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Wanderings and new Stitchery Club!

I wanted to share a new stitchery club being offered by Kathy Schmitz, called One Stitch at a Time. I received her email and you can read about it on her blog. For only 2.00 a month, you will receive a new monthly stitchery, in epattern form. They are smaller ones,  which makes them quick and fun and a great way to get started on your gift box. I think this is well worth the money and something fun to look forward to every month.

Here is the first one she is offering, starting in June. I can't wait to get mine, it will be the perfect project to make a few of, for gifts, when we go camping.

Saturday we were lucky enough to have perfect weather for hiking. Warm sun with a light breeze, so we headed to Stepping Stone Falls. This was a place that I went when I was young and we had picnics in the spring and fall, so it is one of those places that just lifts my spirit when we go there.

How can you not relax and just enjoy the moment, with a front row seat to the falls. Of course Bean was more interested in the people walking by.

There were a lot of trees down from the wind storms over the winter. Bill wanted me to get a picture of him under the tree, Bean wanted to go so he could meet more people.

On the way back we came up to where the old picnic area was. It used to be all cleared out and picnic tables and there is a path through the stone wall that took us to the falls. I don't know why they closed it, but they are cleaning it up now.

We stumbled on an old pump house, the sign said that the AMC is restoring it and fixing the old shelters, so that will be nice. It was nice to get out before the rains came.


Kim said...

I looked at the 2nd last photo quickly and thought that tall stump was a bear. Lol

kelley said...

looks like a fun club...her designs are sweet...what a great day out with Bill and how he wants to meet all the people now!

acorn hollow said...

Oh pretty hike. It was a good day on Saturday but we had rain on Sunday.
I just can't start doing stitchery now I did years ago my grandmother taught me.

Karen said...

I saw the info about the stitchery club. Right up your alley.

Sandi said...

What a lovely group of pictures, amazing the force of nature. So you think the tree was uprooted by flood or wind? Maybe a combination of soggy ground and the wind catching it.

Nice that they are restoring the area.

That club is tempting will have to think on it.

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, that piece of stitchery does look tempting.
Glad you could get out for a hike. Bean seems to enjoy wherever you take him.

cucki said...

Beautiful stitches..looks like a lovely fan club
Have fun dear x

Saundra said...

Bean is a beautiful pup and your trip looks very relaxing. wonderful stone building too, would love to see how they restore it. Guess there is a revisit there for you in the future.

Kate said...

Beautiful pix, Debbie. Our Abby (Little Dog) used to sit just like that with herself tucked under our arm. We still have beautiful weather and it's supposed to be 32C (90F)on Thursday then cool down some. We're now home for a few days and I'm trying to catch up on messages - our internet connection at the cabin was very poor.
Enjoy your fine weather and getting out for all those wonderful walks/hikes. k

paulette said...

Wow! Lovely place for a hike!! Thanks for sharing!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Looks like you had a nice day! I'm glad the weather is a bit better...I think we're all so anxious for warm weather that we forget that April and early May are not always that nice! Nice picture of your husband....and Bean...he is a cutie!

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE that stone building!
Great pics of hubby & Bean.
Hugs :)