Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Finishes!

This week I was browsing for new design ideas and stumbled onto a site that I hadn't been to in years. It is called North Pole Christmas and they have a lot more patterns and crafts than they used to and a great place for designs that you can use in any medium, as well as crafts and cards that you can print out.

I wanted to do angels so I picked some angel designs that I liked and tried them in stitchery. These were fun to do and I added sayings to go with them. I think they would be nice with rusty  bells attached too.

I also want to do brighter ones so I will be trying something else with some new ones I found, we shall see how they turn out. I like to make things I can give away and I think it would be nice to have some fun ones for people who prefer that, and a nice idea for nursing home patients to have something they could hang in their room.

I can see doing these in appliqué mixed with stitchery and punch needle, as well. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. We have nice weather with a mix of rain so hopefully we can get out for some new adventures this weekend.


Sandi said...

Sweet angels love the Raggety Ann noses, they are great, have a wonderful weekend.

acorn hollow said...

You have been busy! I love them. I sadly have to work today but it is fine.
I am going to see my sweet B.

Kate said...

Your angels are charming! Thanks for the link - I haven't visited there for years.
We awoke to 1" of snow at the cabin yesterday - it was picturesque. lol

paulette said...

Ahhhdorable!! I'm off to check this site! Thanks!!

Karen said...

You are sailing along making all these little gift type items for the holidays. I like how you change a design to suit yourself.

Kim said...

Those are so sweet. You do such lovely work. I'll check out that site too

Carole said...

Adorable! You are so creative! Thank you for sharing!