Saturday, September 12, 2015

We are home!

It was a wonderful week with new adventures but I also seemed to be fighting off a bug, since I left with it and it hit me again yesterday. I just crashed and was ready to go home but I really wanted to visit the presidential range and the waterfalls I read about, so I decided to go out for the day and see how it went.

We went to a few gift shops and got some items which I can show monday, but today I will show you some highlights from the day. My photos do not seem to come out as they usually do and I also have a new computer and photoshop online, so I am still getting used to the differences.

The nice thing about driving along the scenic routes in New Hampshire is, there is beauty, everywhere. We just enjoyed the ride and the views of the mountains as we headed toward Mount Washington. The day was cloudy and we could not see the higher mountains, they were shrouded in misty clouds.

We found two waterfalls to visit, easy access and short walks. The first one was Glenn Ellis falls. We walked in tunnel under the road and followed the falls until we got to the end and were rewarded with a beautiful cascade coming over the rocks.

The next waterfall was in Pinkham Notch, along the route to Tuckerman's Ravine. These are Crystal falls. We walked along a path that was a slight climb and saw a beautiful bridge over the falls and thought we had come to our destination. But I noticed how the trail went up and around, so we went to the corner and looked up and saw a stone area and knew there was something up there, so we climbed, me being pulled by bean and pushed a bit by Bill to get up the steeper area. It was well worth the climb, easy on a good day, not so easy when my legs are jello.

I think I could have spent the whole day, just sitting at these falls. Beautiful ravine and the cool breezes from the falls and trees was refreshing.

I decided I should rest at this point and maybe go shopping at the outlets, but gave up on that idea and just wanted to go back to camp and think about whether I wanted to stay. Going home at night is not fun, all we do is drive, but if I got worse, hated to stay and wake up sicker. I decided to stay and luckily I was feeling good enough to stop at my favorite store, it was still open and had even more goodies, so I will tell you about that, next week.

Since we stayed and the sky finally cleared, I wanted to see one last sunset at the lake. I wasn't disappointed, it isn't a sky full of color, it is a sky that is calming and a great place to just sit and relax. A nice way to end our day. I hope everyone had a good week.


acorn hollow said...

Very pretty and so glad you didn't get sicker but so sorry to hear you were even feeling ill.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hope you are feeling better...glad you had a wonderful trip...

Kate said...

Beautiful photos, Debbie. Take care. x

Sandi said...

Being sick on vacation is the pits. Get well soon, lovely pictures.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope you are feeling better.
Your vacation looked heavenly.
Hugs :)

Melody said...

So pretty. Sorry to hear you were ill.

Allie-oops Designs said...

I went back through your posts and it looks like you had a really lovely time hon, I'm so glad, but sorry to hear you're not feeling well....we've started the flu season early at our house, it sure seems to be going around, I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm really happy you finally found a good place and had a good time.

Julie Fukuda said...

So glad you could stick it out and share your lovely pictures.