Monday, September 14, 2015

Must be Monday!

It seems I do so much to get ready for a vacation that it takes all week to relax and then it is time to come home and clean up after the vacation, now I need another one;)

One thing that is fun on a vacation is shopping and buying some goodies to bring home. I spent more time outside and enjoying nature but we did hit a few stores along the way.

In Jackson, we found Flossie's General Store. They had a lot of different gifts and local items. I got some Christmas items, a miniature handmade creche and angel chimes that move with a candle flame. I also found more balsam, so I will be making lots of pillows this year. In Center Harbor I stopped at Keepsake Quilting and bought a little wool pillow kit and next door they had yarn and roving, white to dye myself and the beautiful dyed roving will go into some art projects.

On the way home we stopped at Calefs in Barrington NH, which has food related items and Bill got a sandwich and some goodies for my son. Next door is Elfmade and Company, primitive heaven, candles and scents and I was in heaven. I had to smell all the different scents, they have them in bowl fillers and the matching sprays are available so you can use that when the scent dissipates. I got lemon merringue and it smells so good, as well as coconut crunch, I love candy smells. A few small items for gifts and some scented items for my son, he loves their candles. I also got a large primitive pump bottle for the kitchen, now I have something nice to keep my dish soap in.

Across the street was a store that was like an over stock store. Lots of Carhartt clothing and miscellaneous items. I found primitive picks at a fraction of the cost and some fun potholders, great place to find some bargains. This is a great place to stop if you are in the area, a lot of fun gifts in one place.

I will use the blue picks in the basket, in the beach room.

I decided I wanted to put some of the scented filler in the beach room, but I didn't have something to hold it in. After church we went down to a gift store that sells a lot of beach items and I almost gave up, when I spotted this shell shaped pottery dish, hidden behind some other items. It is the perfect blue green shade for the room.

And a few more photos from our trip. This was a stop along the Kancamagus, a historical homestead with a walk through the woods to a pond and you can visit the home and grounds, as well. This was such a peaceful place, I would love to live here.

And for those of you who have never gone over a covered bridge, this is what they look like in the inside. If  you ever travel along the Kancamagus, you must stop at the ranger station and pick up a map. It is only two dollars and it shows all of the scenic points and trails along the way.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Well I'm glad you got in some retail therapy, lol - really jealous that you got to go to Keepsake Quilting! That shell dish is darling and perfect for your beach room. The place on the pond, well, I'd like to live there too!

acorn hollow said...

Love covered bridges the wood on them are just amazing! I love going over them and hearing the wood squeak. I enjoy the kanc too we try to cross it when we know it is not that busy. The winter is an amazing time to see it! You got some good finds I guess I need to make a trip to Barrington. When we were first married we would go to calef's with friends on sunday mornings to get the warm donuts yummmmm.
Love your new shell dish.

Karen said...

I love covered bridges!

Julie Fukuda said...

Ohio used to have lots of covered bridges and as a kid I liked the rumbling sound the car made going over, each one a bit different. Looks like Bean enjoyed the scenery too.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Who can resist shopping therapy? Glad you enjoyed your time away, New Hampshire is such a lovely state to visit...I have a banana bread candle burning as I type, the homestead smells yummy!!

annie said...

it sounds like so much fun, good for you!

Fiona said...

I'm with you on the cleaning after a holiday! Glad to see you did some treasure hunting and found some nice goodies to come home

Cheryl said...

Some yummy purchases from your trip