Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday finishes, or not so finished!

Another slow week, we had doc appointments and it seems the week flew by. The good news is, not only have my eyes not gotten worse, but I can now drive without glasses, so I guess the lyme treatments helped my eyesight too. I do need them for close up work and reading, for some reason that got a little worse, but I can live with that.

I wanted to find a little glass cup for the candles I got in New Hampshire. They smell nice and I want those to burn in my beach room to make it smell nicer and I think it will be calming when I am down there. The room is in the basement and no matter what, there is a basement smell so keeping the room closed and scented, seems to do the trick.

I could not find a candle holder, just wanted something simple and with a beach theme. Then I spied an ugly candle  holder on the sale shelf, it was wrapped in iridescent beads and that is definitely not my style, so I took them off. The were attached with a gummy glue on the bottom and top, so it was still tacky and I was able to wrap some jute around the glass and it stayed on. Then I used a drop glue that is reusable and removable and it held the rusty heart and the rock heart. This way it is not permanent and I can change it out if I ever want to.

For now I used the yellow plate with the rocks I found today. Maybe later I can find another blue/green shell holder to match the other one I found.

While I was digging around the drawers, looking for things, I found an old paper cutting that I made. I made this over 20 years ago and never used it, not sure what to do with it. It is starting to become unglued from the backing. Maybe I could add a saying around it and use it in the new room.

I have also been working on a small pillow as a gift. I found the pattern online from homebodies, but for some reason her site is not up anymore and I cannot find her online. The pattern was made for a charity event, years ago.

I love inspirational stitcheries that I can make as gifts. I guess I will have to try and design some of my own. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I also want to ask, has anyone repurposed a butcher block table? I have an old picnic table with benches and I want to paint it in a primitive white style for the beach room. I will be using the room as a creative room, so I will use the table to paint on and work on designs, but there are about 16 coats of varnish on it and I am in no mood to sand all that off. Any ideas on how to refinish or paint it without too much trouble and still look nice?


paulette said...

I would use some Chalk Paint on the table. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be painted over anything without priming it and then you wax it to give it a nice aged looks. You can also distress it and let the under paint shine through. I know JoAnn carries a cheaper form of chalk paint...I'm not sure if it goes over everything like Annie Sloan's...?
I like what you did with your candle holder...very creative!!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well I'm glad your eyes are better, hon, and I really love what you did with that candle!!! VERY beachy and just perfect. I also love the fairy riding the butterfly, do save it and use it. That stitchery is darling. I would love to see you design some of your own.
No clue on the table....I'm so lazy I'd probably just paint over it and keep my fingers crossed, lol.

Sandi said...

I was also thinking of chalk paints but can't speak to how to get the layers off. Sounds like a great idea.

I also think you butterfly and candle are lovely...coming together bit by bit. Some starfish bowls empty or filled with beach finds would fit in, another though, some clear glass bottles or vases with those soft turquoise and white glass rock in the bottom!

Enjoy your space!

Kate said...

I love what you did to the candle holder, Debbie! Your stitchery is sweet. It's unfortunate that we can no longer access Homeberries patterns - they were the best. I look forward to your own designs. x

Carol said...

Great way to create a cute candle! As for painting that table, chalk paint is really easy and doesn't require sanding or removing previous paint. You can find chalk paint at Home Depot, JoAnns, or online. I've used it on a mirror and a small stand.