Monday, November 17, 2014

This and That Monday!

This weekend was cold, way too cold for long walks. It was good weather to get out for some fresh air and play with Bean. I never have to ask twice, if he wants to go out, that is a given, lol. Our young trees finally turned and the winds blew a lot of the leaves on the ground, and Bean loves playing in the leaves.

He seems to lose weight, right before a growth spurt and today he seems a bit taller and  huskier. I use my waterproof camera for photos since it is easier to carry while we play, so not the best quality photos.

It could be all the exercise he gets, he really gets into play and has strong muscles for a pup. I have to be careful that he doesn't hurt himself, since he loves to do high jumps.

I was also able to get some sewing done. I started this quilt, last year and finally put the pieces together. I still need to do some stitchery and add another border so it is lap size. I used a free design and precut blocks that a friend sent me. Now it is a quilt for another friend of ours.

I sewed my punch needle pieces with backings and got them all stuffed. Now I am doing the finishing work with borders and staining on some. The chicken was a bit bright, so I added a touch of stain to tone it down. Unfortunately the flash lightened them back up. I just may finish in time, after all;)


annie said...

ahhh, he's so cute, just look at that ear up and that face!
love always seeing your projects,
we are frozen up here for the next few days, record lows, and tomorrow night 13 degrees, bbrrrr.

Karen said...

Your items are finishing up so good. The quilt with the prim angels....I like how the wings are done. Different and very prim style. Did you create the pattern within the chicken wings are was that marked on the pattern? Love the chickens.

Kris said...

Looks like Bean is loving the weather and the leaves!! Your projects are all wonderful and I super love the chickens!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Bean is such fun to see. I can just imagine his energy and enthusiasm.
Your finishes turned out nicely ... and those chickens are so decorative.(light or dark).

Allie said...

I wish I had a tenth of Bean's energy, lol, he sure looks like a happy dog, which means he has wonderful parents! All of our leaves are covered in snow right now - I went out to clean my car off, and ended up with tons of snow-covered leaves stuck to my shoes - looked like I was wearing snowshoes. That quilt is going to be darling and I love your punchneedle pieces!

Sew Hungryhippie said...

I have a small obsession with chickens (not sure why)-so I'm crushing on that chicken make. The quilt is looking lovely too. Stay warm!!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Bean is adorable! He's like a little kid playing in the leaves, lol Too cute.
I absolutely LOVE your punch needle work! Beautiful pieces. And that quilt is going to make your friend VERY happy!
Happy Thanksgiving!