Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun and Finishes!

We had another beautiful weekend and it was perfect for walks with the family and Bean. On saturday we took the whole gang to the bike path at the rail station in Kingston. Kingston is where URI is, for those of you who know that college.

I found out that Bean does not like big trains, since we got out just as one rolled in. There were a lot of people enjoying the path, bikers, roller bladders and strollers, so Bean was a bit over whelmed with it all. We ended up carrying him most of the time and let him walk when we got to quiet spots.

I always love stopping at the bridge and enjoying the views. We have paddled down this river, it was easier going down than getting back up.

A close up of my two favorite babies;) It was nice to spend time with nicholas and he loved the puppy and of course, Bean loved him.

The walk is nice since it is paved for bikers and there was enough foliage left, to enjoy some autumn color, as we walked.

Sunday was nice but windy. I needed to get some shopping done, so we did that first and then went to the light house for a walk. Bean was fine with the wind, but another thing he does not like is cars, so more carrying as we walked around the light house road. It was also too windy to walk, my hair kept blowing in my face and blowing Bean and I off our feet;)

During our shopping trip, I picked  up some goodies for Bean. Lots of Biscuits and chewies to keep his mouth busy, but he still keeps trying to eat my decorations. One smart buy was a large ball, he loves chasing it and then runs around the yard, pushing it with his head. It is a great way to wear him out. Though I think I am more tired than he is.

And last but not least, I actually finished a new piece today. I do think it needs an added border to frame it all, maybe a darker shade. I will also antique it a bit, what do you think? I might put this on a board with some nails for hanging pot holders, so will think on it. I made this one for a friend. It is a design from the book, Punchneedle Embroidery by Kemp and Shaw. I got my copy from out library, it has 40 folk art designs for punching.


paulette said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Bean! You are one gorgeous gal!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cute pic of you and Bean. Your grandson is too cute!
Love the chickens. I recognized that as a Shaw design immediately. That is a wonderful book.
Hugs :)

Karen said...

I am quite partial to chicken designs. I like the big polka dots on these.

acorn hollow said...

Love the picture of your grandbaby so cute! and your chickens are so fun.

Saundra said...

I love Margaret Shaw's designs and you did a great job. I've one of her books and when I first got it had decided to hook one of the designs but still haven't. Still on my list after seeing yours. The two babies are beautiful and hope Bean outgrows his fear of trains. Sadly my Ben still hasn't outgrown his dislike for fast moving vehicles and loud motors.


sunny said...

I love being outdoors at this time of year. It's so nice here today that we're going out for one last paddle before putting the kayaks in storage. I LOVE your needle punch chickens!!!

Allie said...

Well I love the pic of Nicholas and Bean, and especially love the pic of YOU and Bean!!! Awesome! I can just picture him chasing that huge ball around, lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE your chickens!!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Such a cute picture of Nicholas and Bean!

Julie Fukuda said...

Two lovely chickens and two darling babes. I wish Nikko was a bit afraid of cars ... other than the non-moving, idling kind.

Brenda DeBord said...

Love your chickens.

Melody said...

Love that pic of Nicholas and Bean - gorgeous

Carrie P. said...

The chickens are just great!
The "babies" are not going to babies for long.
What a great path to walk or ride on.