Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anniversary Week Continues and Another Giveaway!

I hope you are all enjoying my photos of my vacation week. After a long winter it is so nice to be outside every day and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.

First I will announce the winner of the last giveaway. What is Bill looking at? If you looked in the right hand corner, you would have seen sky writing, lol. While we were out, a plane was writing an advertising and the wind was blowing it away as soon as he was forming the letters, not sure how effective that was.

The winner of my newest pattern is Gayle! If you could please email me so I can reply to your email, I will get your pattern out to you.

Yesterday we went for a paddle from the Barn Island launch in Connecticut. I love this area since it has a nice launch and you can paddle out into the sound where you are surrounded by RI, Connecticut and looking out you will see Fishers Island, which belongs to NY, so we are surrounded by 3 states. We paddled down the cove for a bit and cut across to a sandy island sitting between the states.

This is the area that we launch from, our destination is out to the right.

This is looking down the beach towards Napatree point in RI. As you can see, we had the beach to ourselves, most of the people go to the further end, we stay in the middle. We have the inlet on one side and the ocean, on the other. I actually swam in the ocean, even if it was a bit cold.

At the ocean, the seagulls were flying around me.

And seagulls squawking at me.

These two were doing a happy dance for me.

When I got back to our tent area, I heard a chirping and looked down. I thought this poor sand piper was hurt, it was dragging it's wings through the sand in front of me. Then she stood  up and flapped her wings and walked away, lol. I realized she was playing hurt to steer me away from her nest.

And on the inner beach, I found two of these cute babies walking around. I have never seen a baby seagull, they are too cute.

I also spotted a couple of these guys, I have no idea what they are, but they sure are funny looking and they do not sit still for photos.

And for the final photo and the giveaway photo! I thought this seagull sitting on the crates, would make a nice photo, so I took a shot of her. Then she took off and started dive bombing me, lol. I didn't realize I was disturbing a nesting area. Can you see what she is hiding, in this photo? I didn't notice until I saw the photo, when I got home. I will pick a name from all of the comments and the winner will win their choice of any of my epatterns. I will draw a name on friday night and show you more photos from today's trip and anything we do on friday.


Olivia said...

Looks like Mrs. Seagull has a couple of babies there that she thought you wanted. :-)
Please enter me. I'd love to have an epattern.

sunny said...

That baby gull is adorable!! I think the mystery bird is an American Oystercatcher. I want to come to your area for a vacation.

cucki said...

Aww they so beautiful <3
And there are sweet little babies ..that are hiding :)
Hugs x

Sharon Eshlaman said...

Wow, what beautiful country! Yes, I'd love a pattern - thanks for a chance.

Jacqueline said...

Those babies just blend right in with the crate. I can see how you missed them.

Great vacation/ anniversary week for you guys.

Saundra said...

She didn't want you around her wee babies snuggling against the crate. They have a good camouflage.


dortha said...

Her little babies just blend right in. Good camouflage.

paulette said...

I think Mrs Seagull and her babies are protecting your treasure chest full of gold coins!! :o))
Happy Anniversary!
P said...

There are babies in on the sand! I had to really look. Thanx for the pix!
D.G. L

linda said...

Two babies nestled by the crate; they blend right in! Have a great rest of your week creating more memories.

Jane S. said...

I see babies! They're really cute, I've never seen little seagulls before. :)

Quilt Hollow said...

You haven't been far from my mind...I've just had a full plate.

Gayle said...

thanks for the great pattern Debbie - I feel so lucky to have been selected as your winner!