Friday, June 27, 2014

Anniversary Fun or Exhaustion Giveaway!

Yesterday we took a day off since it was raining on and off and we needed to get things done and get some rest. Well, rest didn't happen, but we did a lot of shopping and running around and cleaning house and catching up on laundry.

I will start with the winner of the giveaway and the question for the next:
And the winner of the Giveaway is Saundra! Please email me with your choice of epattern from my ecrater site. And for the newest contest, I will make this easy. What year was Bill and I married? I will giveaway another epattern of the winner's choice. I will announce a winner on monday night.

Wednesday we paddled at a place called Bluff Point in Connecticut. The paddle took us up a river and up to a long sandy beach with access to the ocean.

We landed near the end of the beach so we could take a look at the ocean, to see what the conditions were. It was a cloudy day and the water was calm and glassy. The little island is actually a chain of islands that are hidden behind this one.

Paddling out of the channel we had views of Avery Point Light and A division of The University of Connecticut. I had to use my little camera, so everything seems further away.

Paddling around the islands, we can to the point of the last island, no place to land.

Coming around the island, you can see the Long Island sound. This was a beautiful place to paddle with amazing views and a place I will definitely come back to.

Today I was tired to start with, but I wanted to get out, so we ended up at Ninigret Park, which is a saltwater pond that goes out to the ocean. The paddle was only 3 miles, but most of it was against the wind and at the beach, I walked around most of the time, so not much rest;) 

A quiet stretch of beach, all to ourselves.

Where we parked our kayaks was along a stretch of the breach way. We we entertained by all of the birds that were feeding in the tidal pools.

This guy was comical and all over the place.

This bird was definitely unique, and I am not sure what it was. When I first saw it, it was small and squat, then it got up and stretched it's neck and body and looked more like an egret. This was it's in between size, truly interesting.

And of course, what would the beach be without a seagull. This is a young one, you can tell because of the mottled colors. He was happy, sitting on his rock and enjoying the cool breezes.

And to end a wonderful week, though we still have the weekend, Bill and I were being silly. He drew the heart and I did the writing, I think we had too much sun;)


sunny said...

What a lovely week! I'm going to guess you were married in 1975. I hope that's not insulting you!

Karen said...

I have no clues to go by for when you got married. A stab in the dark. 1982.

Saundra said...

Goodness!!!! I've been trying to decide which of all the lovely patterns I want. You have so many cute ones. In the event I went to the correct spot think I'd like the Fraktur Sheep. If I didn't go to the right spot perhaps you can direct me to it.

Happy anniversary and perhaps now that you are 'all rested up' you are ready to celebrate and dance on the table tops. Teehee. Heck, I couldn't climb on top of a table let alone keep my balance on one and dance. Have fun and thanks.


paulette said...

What a lovely way to end your post!! I would frame that last picture!! :o))

kelley said...

looks like a wonderful anniversary week...glad you had lots of fun getting out in nature...

Miccosukee said...

Having never had a marriage that lasted beyond 7 years, I am not so good at figuring how long to stay married. Since you two are young sprouts, my guess is 1987. Have I got it at least in the right decade?

No matter, just keeping enjoying the days you have together!


Mar said...

1975 was an excellent year to get married!

Melody said...

More beautiful pictures. I love seeing where you paddle. My guess is 1980 - the same year we married.

Carrie P. said...

Your anniversary week looks like so much fun. Such of variety of Sea birds.
I am going to guess you were married in 1976 only because you have a new grandson and I have one born this year.
Your little beach pail punch needle is so cute.

hungryhippie said...

It is always so lovely to see what you see. Loving the pics.