Monday, June 23, 2014

Anniversary Fun and Giveaway!

This weekend was the start of our Anniversary vacation, and we are staying home again. Luckily we have lots of fun things to do in our area without the cost of a hotel;)

Saturday, Bill had to work so we went for a few hours, out on the bay, to the town beach and around the outer cove. Just enough to get out and have a little fun and enough to stiffen my muscles up, lol.

I bought my small waterproof camera, it is nice for landscape shots, but not good for closeups. I tried to get up close for a shot but it made it look even further away. I noticed Bill was watching them and they were watching Bill.

We paddled out on the bay since it was low tide. This next photo is the giveaway photo! What do you think Bill is looking at, there is a clue in the photo;) All answers will be counted in the contest, right or wrong. The winner will receive a copy of my newest pattern, Antique Sand Pail. I will pick a winner on wednesday night.

Today we went down the river to the ocean. I wanted to do an easy paddle with a fun day at the beach.
We always pass this little island and old shack, just love it.

We found the perfect place to set up our umbrella and enjoy the views. We came in at low tide, so it was nice and calm at the mouth to the bay. We set up, on the right, on higher ground.

Lots of people set up in the back where the river comes out, great place for swimming.

And no one to our right, the beach keeps going to the main beach which was wall to wall people. I liked our spot, much better.

On the way back we stopped to enjoy the birds in the flatlands and this guy stood still long enough for a photo. I hope you enjoyed my fun at the beach and we shall see where I end up tomorrow;)


Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, happy anniversary! I would stay home too if we had all the awesome landscape and critters you have in your area. Absolutely beautiful :)

cucki said...

Aww so much fun..
Happy anniversary my dear..
I think he us looking at the other boat..
Big hugs x

Jacque. said...

Lovely photos, as always. Have a wonderful week!

acorn hollow said...

So pretty it is good to love the place you live.

Saundra said...

Happy anniversary. Is it possible to have dolphins in the bay? Or is he looking at floating egrets?


Barbara said...

Happy anniversary. What a nice way to celebrate.

Karen said...

Enjoy your anniversary week of vacation. A great way to enjoy summer time.

Gayle said...

You live in a beautiful place!

Jacqueline said...

happy anniversary. My guess is he is looking at the Egrets on the buoys.

Thanks for a chance

Miccosukee said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy all the great weather and have loads of fun.

Could Bill be looking at a flock of pelicans loafing out in the distance? Do you even have pelicans up there? Here, he might be seeing dolphins out frolicking.


sunny said...

Happy Anniversary! I want to come paddle with you. Is there a lighthouse out there on the horizon?