Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank God its Friday Giveaway!

I haven't said that in decades, lol. Never thought I would say it again, but this has been a tough week. I am just getting over the flu, still hurting in some places and my sweet grandson seems to need constant attention or he screams.

I do have my natural instinct and experience, so I try to keep him on schedule for feeding and sleeping, but his mom still feeds on demand and he will be 6 months this month, is this normal? I am giving him what he needs since this is his first week being away so long, but I also need to find ways to keep him occupied so I can sit and relax once in a while. I bought a play chair, that lasts about 5 minutes, the rocking seat, doesn't work at all and I am reduced to walking around in circles with the stroller, lol.

So, that is all I did this week, watch the baby, rest and clean the next day..... until the week was over. To top it off, my son wanted me to take him with us so he could study tomorrow. Had to put my foot down on that one, it is our weekend, we shop and go for walks and it is the last nice weekend for now.

But, we do have our fun times and I found one way to keep him calm while I sit and relax, but that won't work, it is way too cold out now.

Another trick I used, was one I did with his dad. Big carrots are a great way to help with teething and keep them occupied. My son would sit for hours and suck on one, Nick was enjoying it at first, then the screaming started. This was during his happy moment.

And for the giveaway ........ Write a caption for this photo. I will draw a name from the entries and the winner will receive a free epattern. The contest is open until Sunday, November 17th. I will announce the winner on Monday and hopefully by then I will have my items finished off.

Next Friday will be my Bday giveaway, a package filled with goodies for one lucky winner. One item will be the extra snowman stitchery that I finished for the last contest. There will also be a couple of balsam filled items, so I will show them next week.

I would also like to know what you, my followers like, what types of items you would like to see in the box? I have lots of stash for all types of crafting, so give me an idea of what you would love to win? You can also do a search on my blog by using keywords, I do use a lot on each post, so if were looking for snowmen, type that in and they will pop up. I maybe have given it away or it may be in my goodie box, or I may have kept it and ready to pass it along.

Ok, here is the photo, have fun, make me laugh, I really do need one;)


Jenny Bonynge said...

Oh you poor dear! I do feel for you...And take it all to heart. My great grandson was born 10 days ago and I have volunteered to watch him one day a week when my granddaughter returns to work. Please keep sharing your ideas about entertaining these little ones...Please!

Terry said...

Some kids just seem to need more attention than others. I hope you figure out how to get him to settle down a bit. He looks like he's really a sweetie! :0)

paulette said...

I think the caption should say.."What do you mean, this is Frosty's NOSE?"

Hang in will get better! I'm glad you put your foot down for Saturday!! You take care!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW Hope everything resolves itself and you can get some needed rest

Fiesta said...

Really grandpa

Kellie from Indiana said...

The caption should be - whats up doc! Love the pics!

Granny Anne Brown said...

Santa?!... Um,... The reindeer won't miss this right???

I always use to give my kids a big ole fat pickle to chew on when they were teething. It is cool and rubbery and the juice from said pickle helps their tummy. It takes a while for them to break the skin so just replace with a new one.

Anonymous said...

Caption should be....What do you mean this isn't a bottle??
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

Bencody Farm said...

Caption: "And you really think I am a rabbit?"

Sweet pictures. I hope you feel totally better soon. Barbara

Raymond Homestead said...

Ok, here is my caption idea...

"A carrot? Really?!"

Chris said...

I hope that you are feeling better and that there are less aches and pains. I know that the little guy is a lot of work but what special times together. The pics are fabulous, he is so cute.

annie said...

Lord, have mercy. It sounds like us, my now 20 yr. old son, would sleep 20 min,. and stay awake or scream with colic for hours, then sleep 20 min., and be up again this went on 24 hr. a day. His colic lasted 9 months, I thought I would lose my mind. He finally slept 5 hr. through the night when he was almost a yr. old.

I hope you get some rest, he is a beautiful baby.

"I went to Mr. Macgregor's garden for my field trip today with Peter Rabbit. I got first dibs on the carrots!"

I love fabric, yarn, floss, and wood, to work with.


Debra Anger said...

I love Paulettes Caption!! it will be hard to beat!